What Does Your Office Say About Your Business?

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A lot of business managers will invite potential clients to their office in order to try and close a deal but what does your office say to these people when they arrive in your working environment? For many businesses this won’t be a problem and their office will convey a feeling of professionalism mixed with quality but for others their office may be revealing a few less flattering traits. So how can you be certain that your office puts your business across in a good light and ensures that you seal that all important business deal?

Keep Desks Tidy

  What Does Your Office Say About Your Business?

It may sound obvious but if you have a potential client coming into the office it doesn’t make a good first impression if all of the desks are cluttered and messy. It is so easy for things to slowly pile up on your desk and before you know it your computer looks like it’s being invaded by troops from the land of stationary and folders. Try to put things away in draws and filing cabinets where possible and just have a few necessities out on your desk. It also makes it easier to keep your desk space clean and hygienic if it is more minimalist.


Update Furniture 

What Does Your Office Say About Your Business?

It’s easy for office furniture to slowly deteriorate over time without you really noticing. And while you may not realise it as you are there every day; potential clients coming in may notice it straight away and get the wrong impression of your business. This could especially be the case if you invite someone to take a seat and the chair collapses beneath them or gives them a less than comfortable place to perch. A few stylish pieces of office furniture will show that you take pride in your working environment and therefore your business on the whole too.


Think About Space Planning 

What Does Your Office Say About Your Business?


You may not think that it matters too much how your office is laid out, but not only does conscientious space planning encourage productivity in the work place it can also make the office look a lot more aesthetically pleasing. Just by rearranging the furniture or partitioning off certain areas you can create a better atmosphere which will be noticed by anyone coming into your office. If you are unsure how best to use the space that you have available then there are companies that can help you with office space design; some of which will even be able to carry out free office space planning.


Have A Private Area 

The truth is that however casual the client is about their business dealings they are unlikely to want to discuss the ins and out of the deal in front of everyone in your office. Therefore you need to make sure there is a comfortable, private area which you can go to and not be disturbed. This shouldn’t be a cupboard or a room only big enough for one person otherwise things could get a little awkward. If you don’t currently have this available then perhaps partitioning off a private area of your office would be a good idea.

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