Yoga Benefits [Infographic]

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Yoga is probably one of the most underrated exercises there is. People have heard about it. Most people don’t do it and have never done it in their life. Yoga is an exercise and a relaxing stretch for the body, mind, and the soul. The experience of yoga is one of exuberance and restorative energy. Anyone who experiences yoga will tell you the same thing: Do it.

It makes you feel wonderful and amazing during and afterwards. You will feel as if you got a good night sleep, took a nap without being interrupted, or just were able to relax for an hour without anyone bothering you. How often does that happen?

Yoga has been around for thousands of years and practiced mainly by Hindus, Buddhists, and Jainists. It eases the mind and allows for meditation and complete relaxation. When yoga was brought to the Western world, mainly in the form of Hatha yoga, it was used and is still used as a treatment for obesity and illnesses such as cancer, schizophrenia, asthma, and heart disease. Many who practice yoga report stronger musculo-skeleton and mental health improvement including the elimination of stress on the mind and body.


This infographic shows the benefits of yoga on the body and the mind.

Yoga Benefits [Infographic]

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Yoga Benefits

Peace of Mind

Increases arm strength by 12% after 16 classes = Better Posture

Oxygen to the brain

Slower Breathing = Less Stress

Increased Lung Capacity

35% increase in flexibility after 8 weeks of practice

Less chance of Heart Disease

Increases Metabolism + Helps Digestion

Grounded + Better Focus

Increases Libido

Decreases Lactic Acid in Muscle + Decreases Joint Pain

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