Different Writing Techniques of Famous Writers [Infographic]

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Writing Techniques For Better Writers

Different Writing Techniques of Famous Writers: Professional Writing

The world’s best writers share almost the same habits. For those who really want to further hone their writing skills and hopefully get to publish their work later on, learning from famous writers is definitely the best way.

Famous writers have their own journal where they write their thoughts, views and sentiments. There are even writers who would set their quota when it comes to the number of words that they can write per day.

The infographic shows why an aspiring writer should keep a journal but as well as the importance of reading. Apart from taking the time to practice one’s writing skills, constant reading should also be part of the routine.

Through reading, you acquire more knowledge and get to learn the different writing techniques of various writers. Since this skill needs practice, one needs to keep on practicing. It is essential to have your own time that you can allot for writing to let out your creativity.

Different Writing Techniques of Famous Writers [Infographic]

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Timeless Original Writing Techniques Of Famous Writers

Madelin L’Engle


“You need to keep an honest unpublishable journal that nobody reads, nobody but you.”

word quotes

Stephen King has a quota for 2000 words a day and Arthur Conan Doyle wrote 3,000 words a day.

Change the physicality

Why not try Hemingway’s approach—he wrote all his novels while standing. Or you can be like Truman Capote, who wrote laying down.

Make an Office

Phillip Roth has a separate office for his writing life.

Writing Time

Some writers swear by writing at a certain time. Joyce Carol Oats writes primarily in the morning.


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