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I love my job!

Whenever I think about it, I can’t help it saying to myself: “You know, I am one blessed person…”

It’s true, this is what I feel… I am a writer, and writing is what I do for a living.

I can’t imagine myself doing something else, although I did try. But, no, it didn’t work out and now I am more convinced than ever that this is my path that I was given to follow.

I start my schedule around 9 am, having a hot cup of coffee on my left side. After I check my email and my tasks for that day, I open my Word file and start writing on the various projects I have right now, including romance novels and children’s stories. Before typing any word at all, I close my eyes and whisper a small prayer, so that Almighty God will pour his grace upon me and give me all the inspiration and insights I need in order to produce the best writing I can.

My client is what I have on my mind when I write; I want to see him pleased and satisfied when he’ll receive his story. That is why I ask God for guidance and support, for I know that without his divine touch I wouldn’t be able to do it. After all this is done, I begin my writing session.

At times, I am so focused that I don’t even notice when time flies!

The plot, the places, action, the characters are so real and vivid to me that I am highly motivated to keep writing and see where the story will take me next. I love my job for it gives me a constant renewed version of the menu called life. I am serious!

I get the chance to see unseen places, emerge on bold and amazing adventures, the lessons I learn from my characters, the smile that appears on my face when I realize that this will be another great story…

For this, I get up every morning!

For this, I grab my pen every morning!

How can it be any different…?

When one is in love with his work, that work isn’t work anymore- it becomes a play.

So, I guess you can say that I’m playing…

Writing is pretty much a solitary undertaking, I agree.

I’m all alone when I am at the writing table.

On the left side of my table, in the corner, I have a beautiful white vase that serves as a “shelter” for my red roses.

Next to it come my black speakers and they play the music I love the most: classical and the 80s. Above them is the window and through it I can see the daylight and the sun.

I don’t need more; all I need is given to me. Now all I have to do is deliver the best writing possible and I will do that, I have no worries!

This is what I love and for this purpose I was born. Cheers!



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