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Challenge of the Week: Write Your Story

Your Story Matters

If you are a human being who has made it to the rightful age of being an adult, than you have a story to tell. As a child, you may have a story, but it is far from complete, and far from anything you really understand. As an adult, your story is more complete and there is still much more to come.

We began Confessions of the Professions on the basis that everyone had a story to tell and might want to tell it. While we encourage people to start their own blogs and websites, we love to receive confessions of people telling their story, especially those who have figured out the secrets of life and have found what they love to do and are getting paid to do it. There is no better life than going to work and actually enjoying work.

Everyone is truly unique and they are the only one who will ever experience exactly what they have experienced in the way they have experienced it. No one else could have done the same thing they have done with the same exact results. Two people who go to college and study the same exact thing, attend the same exact classes, receive the same exact grades, and graduate at the same exact time with the same exact GPA will not have the exact same story to tell, and even if they managed to land the exact same job position in the exact same job, their story of how they got where they are today would be completely different.


Everyone can never know what someone else has gone through. It is up to the individual person to write their own story and share it with others. After sharing it, everyone still can never know exactly what it was like to be in that person’s shoes. They may sympathize and empathize with the story teller, but until they experience it for themselves, and even then, the experience will be different, they will never know what journey someone has been on and the obstacles they faced.

The universe was designed for everyone to have some success at life, especially in the areas of survival, to live, and experience a life. Whether you were born in the United States, Australia, Russia, or China, or any other country on this planet, you were born into a life and hopefully have lived long enough to experience some part of life and to tell a story.

It is up to you to publicize that voice, and although you may never become famous because of it, the fact that you shared it with the world means that you were able to share the story of your soul with everyone. Think about the power of having a voice and sharing your story. Many people are born, live, and die, all without ever having shared their story. It is not that everyone living in the world will ever get a chance to read it, but there will be people who will someday read it and be inspired by your story and your life.

Whether you share a few paragraphs, a few pages, or a few books, the words of your soul and your life are very powerful and inspiring for future generations. How you did something, how you got somewhere, how you faced challenges, and the advice you have for your children and many future generations to come, might just be powerful enough to change the world.

We encourage you to share your story. Whether you wish to make a confession or share a link to your article, website, or blog, we would love to hear your story. If you have yet to write it, we encourage you to start writing your story, sharing both your success and failure with others to read for many years and generations to come.

Get your voice out, write what your heart feels, and what your brain thinks.

Share with the world the story of your life.




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