Write Something Positive About Yourself [Challenge]

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Challenge of the Week: Write Something Positive About Yourself

Think Do Be Positive

We tend to go through life, accomplishing many things, without much thought into how amazing we really are, how many goals we set for ourselves, how disciplined we were on ourselves as we worked to meet those goals, how many things we actually accomplished, how much we struggled, and all the success we were able to achieve.

Whether our goal is or was to graduate college, obtain a job and make a paycheck, start going to church again, develop more meaningful relationships, or rekindle old relationships, lose weight, work on becoming healthier, the first step was to actually set those goals, and the next was to accomplish them.

If you strived and failed and tried again, you worked towards a goal. If you strived and were successful, you worked towards a goal and accomplished it. As long as you kept working towards it, consider that a positive thing you were doing for yourself. Everything you set out to do is a positive in your life. All that you accomplish in your life has been something you have worked for and it has most likely not been handed to you by any means that was easy. If it was easy, we all would have gone for it to obtain it. Your personal goals and missions are your own and for you alone to accomplish.

Staying on track and accomplishing all of your goals says a lot about who you are and who you strive to be. Not giving up on yourself or what you believe you must do in this life says a lot about you and you should appreciate and respect yourself for all that you do and all that you have done.

Your goal this week is to take time to reflect on where you first began your journey and where you are now. Write down some or all of the things you have done in your life that you consider positives and your great successes. You may not think of some of your accomplishments as successful, but you are probably in a much better place today than you were when you first started.

Congratulations on all your success. Think positive. Do positive. Be positive. Write positive. You are amazing.