Wrapping Gifts To Kick-start The Holiday Season [Infographic]

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If the holiday season is fast approaching and you find yourself becoming excited about the glittery paper and tape that you can use to pack up the gifts, you are not alone! Almost 70% of the people enjoy wrapping presents during the holidays. The culture of giving and wrapping gifts in the holiday season does not only add to the charm of the season but also increases its excitement. One in four people agree that wrapping gifts puts them in the holiday spirit even more, rather than shopping for the presents.

With a high demand during the holiday season, gift-wrapping accessories and other related items have become a billion pound business. Each year, people spend as much as GBP 1.8 Billion on gift-wrapping related accessories and there are currently 900 different patents associated with gift wrapping accessories, globally.

While gift-wrapping can be a lot of fun and can spark the perfect mood for the holidays, it can also be tricky and can end up looking like a mess. After making numerous wrapping blunders, nearly 50% of the people admit to re-wrapping a gift in case it does not look good the first time around. We even have a Guinness World Record related to gift-wrapping; Hillary Wymer secured the Record, clocking the fastest time taken to wrap a gift.

Wrapping Gifts To Kick-start The Holiday Season [Infographic]

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Gift Wrap Fails!

The 10 most Hilarious Gift Wrapping Disasters

The holiday season is just around the corner. It’s almost that time of year when everything from shop windows to the closet at home starts filling up with neatly wrapped gifts and presents. The holidays, of course, mark an increase in demand for gift wrapping across the country.

People spend as much as GBP 1.8 billion on gift wrapping and related accessories every year.

1 in 4 people say that gift wrapping puts them more in the holiday spirit than shopping does.

Over 900 different patents are associated with gift wrapping products.

Nearly 50% people admit to re-wrapping a gift in case it does not look good the first time around.

Hilary Wymer set a Guinness World Record in 2005 for clocking the fastest time taken to wrap a present.

So it looks like gift wraps make for big business. However, there is a lighter side to this billion pound business. Sometimes wrapping a gift can go awry with some truly unexpected results.

  • 20% admit to making the mistake of using too little wrapping paper to do the job
  • 32% admit to not knowing how best to wrap a present
  • 24% admit to not having necessary supplies at hand as the most common mistake they make
  • 20% admit to making the mistake of using too much wrapping paper to do the job


Having established that a sizable number of people don’t have many ideas about how to go about wrapping a present, let’s look at some of the funniest, quirkiest, and downright bizarre gift wrapping fails.

  1. To some people, aesthetics are irrelevant. It’s only the thought that matters.
  2. A thoughtfuly wrapped present is nice, unless of course, you have to spend an eon unwrapping it.
  3. To some people, the best kind of gift wrapping is the box that presents come in.
  4. The see-through wrapping paper.
  5. Sometimes, it’s jsut the thought that matters.
  6. Environment-friendly gift wrapping.
  7. Recycling is good for the environment but some people can take it too far.
  8. Sometimes, the best intentions might not have the desired outcome.
  9. Don’t really know how to wrap a present? No problem! All you need is some tape!
  10. There really is no point in trying to wrap certain gifts up.

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