The Worst Places To Hit On Someone [Infographic]

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Don’t Hit On Someone In These Places

Hit on Someone

There is a time and a place for everything. For those of us who happen to be single and looking, there are plenty of opportune places to find someone we may like, get along with, or see as potential for being our mates and life partners. While it used to be that people would go to the bar in order to find someone, there are other places that could potentially be an area to find your other half or better half such as the supermarket, library, university, park, on a vacation, at a group meet with other like-minded individuals who share your hobby, or on the Internet, which has made it even easier to meet people. It also makes sense that your job or college campus could be a potential opportunity for meeting someone, and considering that you are either at work for 40 hours a week or at college for a good part of your week, you may just have the chance to get to know someone both inside and outside of work or class and hit it off well with that person with whom you find an attraction.

There are times that occur where it happens to be at the right moment, the right place, the right people, and they both find each other physically and intellectually attractive and they both click and it just works. Walking through the street and bumping into someone, tripping over in front of the other person, saying something funny, or just looking cute at a specific moment. There are many moments that love has a chance to happen, where people fall in love and decide to spend their lives together. It does happen. It happens everyday. However, it certainly seems to be a rare occurrence for the majority of us. It is like playing a waiting game and the waiting is certainly the hardest part. Still, there are many potential places that present great opportunities to meet people and find love, but just know that there are also some places where you really should not be looking for love, a potential significant other, or even a hookup or fling.


This infographic presents the worst places to hit on someone. This is not to say that it is not possible to hit on someone at these places, but you probably should not consider doing it, as it is just not really appropriate. If you have ever managed to hookup or fall in love with someone at any of these places, please share your story in the comments below!

The Worst Places To Hit On Someone [Infographic]

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The 5 Worst Places To Hit On Someone


Sure women dressed in back may be sexy, but remember, this day isn’t about you wanting to score, it’s about the person in the casket. So take a step back, and keep your mouth shut — unless you’re offering your condolences.


Keep your priorities straight — you’re going in for a job, not for a date. It does not matter if your interviewer is so hot you fumble your name, you just need to make sure you get a call back saying you got the job, not to get lost.


Emergency rooms are not like bars — people are not waiting there because they want to. Respect their space and privacy, and maybe they won’t give you another reason for being at the ER.


Yes, the gym can be full of attractive people, but odds are they are there to actually exercise, not to give you their digits. So leave that cute brunette alone, she is avoiding eye contact for a reason.


Ever wonder why attractive women who are seated next to you always nap on the flight? They’re not exhausted, they simply do not want to talk to you, especially since there is no chance of escape.

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