Worst Boss Ever

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I had been looking forward to this interview all day.

Never in my LIFE had I experienced an interview such as this. It started with a test ..

Why is a manhole round?


So they gave me this test which I didn’t even get to finish because this ugly old man to the likeness of tweedledum mixed with a troll interrupted and told me I could finish it later.

This man waddling toward me with a stupid cross-eyedish grin was my prospective employer … He then looked over my incomplete test for a second and proceeded to FLIRT with me!!! Totally gross and threw me for a loop because at that point in my life I was like a 9 and he had absolutely NO chance whatsoever!

He then left for lunch and left me with the then office manager where we went over duties and general information. I learned more about the social hierarchy than any job duties in that time. She was eager to level with me while at the same time telling me that it’s not that bad working here and you get bonuses.

I was hired when the boss came back from lunch and continued to flirt with me, this time a little more forward but not at the level that I couldn’t ignore it.

I had no experience or knowledge in sales, software, or computers but I guess you don’t need that if there’s a horny troll behind the checks. I was confident that I could avoid any of his gross advances easily since he was in NO WAY attractive and i didn’t give a SHIT about his money.

I finally put my foot down and told him I was done with his inappropriate advances when I was bending under my desk I heard him grunting and when I turned around he was waggling his chin back and forth and I could see his dirty nasty smelling dentures moving around! Bleh! I had had enough.

He took the hint and never bothered me again. It also helped that I got pregnant by one of his tech support guys lol.

I then was able to watch him do it to every single new hire female that walked through the doors. He was a chauvinist as well, if you had a vagina every idea was instantly scorned and you were demeaningly told how dumb you were. Some other traits of the “boss” are as follows; he never made any sense either except in his own head. He argued with employees often and with vigor. He would change the seating arrangement of the office, which if you have ever worked in the software industry is a major pain in the ASS!

Some things that the “boss” was caught doing by his DUMBASS employees. Sleeping in his office. Yelling at his own customers. Was audited twice in the 2 years I worked there. Jerking off to porn in his office. Sexually harassing most female employees. Posting and responding to craigslist ads for whores around his business trip location. His wife (who works there) is a shell of a mouse because of his mind manipulation.

Boy am I glad I got out when I did. I had high hopes in the beginning but it wasn’t worth the CONSTANT oppression.

Good luck to any and all who work for ASSHOLES like this. Worst Boss Ever.