World Of Horse Racing In 2014 [Infographic]

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My name is Tom Melby and I am the owner and director of an animal shearing equipment company called Clippers Ireland. I regularly write about interesting things that affect my clients, and created this infographic entitled “And they’re off! The World of Horse Racing in 2014”, which explores the status of horse racing today.

In this infographic you will discover the most successful jockeys, race horses and breeders in the world right now, along with the biggest purses. Did you know that the races in The Dubai World Cup have a combined purse that totals $27.25 million?

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World Of Horse Racing In 2014 [Infographic]

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And they’re off!

The World of Horse Racing in 2014

Horse Racing remains one of the world’s most popular sports and has been practiced in civilizations across the world since ancient times. Get a snapshot of the global Horse Racing scene in 2014, learn the biggest names in the business, see how the top thoroughbreds are trained and discover the largest purses in the world!


Race City Country
The Breeder’s Cup Various USA
The Kentucky Derby Louisville Kentucky (USA)
The Grand National Aintree England
The Royal Ascot Ascot England
The Belmont Stakes Belmont New York (USA)
The Preakness Baltimore Maryland
Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe Paris France
Dubai World Cup Dubai United Arab Emirates
The Melbourne Cup Melbourne Australia

Making Money – The World’s Biggest Horse Racing Purses

The UK Grand National Steeplechase
Purse: $1.6 Million
Length: Four miles and three furlongs

Kentucky Derby – The Run for the Roses
Purse: $2 Million
Length: 1 1/4-mile

Breeders Cup Sprint
Purse: $2 Million
Length: Six furlongs

Breeders Cup Distaff
Purse: $2 Million
Facts: For fillies and mares who are at least three years of age

Breeders Cup Turf
Purse: $3 Million
Length: 1 1/2 miles long

Dubai Duty Free Stakes
Purse: $5 Million
Facts: The event is sponsored by Dubai Duty Free

Breeders Cup Classic
Purse: $5 Million
Facts: Five of the fourteen slots in this race are guaranteed to the winners of specific races

Prix de l’Arc Triomphe
Purse: $5.4 Million
Length: 1 1/2-mile

Melbourne Cup
Purse: $5.65 Million
Length: Two-mile

Dubai World Cup
Purse: $10 Million
Facts: The races in this event have a combined purse that totals $27.25 million


  1. California Chrome
    Starts: 6
    Wins: 5
    Seconds: 0
    Thirds: 0
    Purses: $3,317,800
  2. Wicked Strong
    Starts: 7
    Wins: 2
    Seconds: 1
    Thirds: 0
    Purses: $1,361,610
  3. Close Hatches
    Starts: 4
    Wins: 4
    Seconds: 0
    Thirds: 0
    Purses: $1,315,000
  4. Imperative
    Starts: 8
    Wins: 1
    Seconds: 2
    Thirds: 3
    Purses: $1,259,700
  5. Tonalist
    Starts: 6
    Wins: 3
    Seconds: 2
    Thirds: 1
    Purses: $1,198,250
  6. Palace Malice
    Starts: 5
    Wins: 4
    Seconds: 0
    Thirds: 0
    Purses: $1,195,000
  7. Untapable
    Starts: 5
    Wins: 4
    Seconds: 0
    Thirds: 0
    Purses: $1,146,600
  8. Bayern
    Starts: 8
    Wins: 4
    Seconds: 1
    Thirds: 1
    Purses: $1,077,680
  9. Moreno
    Starts: 5
    Wins: 1
    Seconds: 1
    Thirds: 1
    Purses: $1,040,500
  10. Lexie Lou
    Starts: 5
    Wins: 3
    Seconds: 0
    Thirds: 1
    Purses: $999,109


  1. Javier Castellano – Venezuela
    Starts: 893
    Wins: 233
    Seconds: 161
    Thirds: 132
    Purses: $17,694,134
  2. Joel Rosario – Dominican Republic
    Starts: 852
    Wins: 144
    Seconds: 145
    Thirds: 125
    Purses: $14,422,581
  3. Irad Ortiz, Jr. – Puerto Rico
    Starts: 922
    Wins: 183
    Seconds: 157
    Thirds: 137
    Purses: $12,358,101
  4. John R. Velazquez – Puerto Rico
    Starts: 576
    Wins: 101
    Seconds: 99
    Thirds: 79
    Purses: $10,531,007
  5. Jose L. Ortiz – Puerto Rico
    Starts: 780
    Wins: 148
    Seconds: 131
    Thirds: 116
    Purses: $9,880,591

How To Train a Champion Horse

Allow the young Thoroughbred to run free in any safe location as much as possible.

Ride your Thoroughbread for a minimum of 3 miles, but only about every 3 days.

Invest in equine massage. Massage will help your Thoroughbred develop his muscles in a more evenly distributed and healthy manner and will increase the circulation.

Increase the distance you ride your Thoroughbred in steady increments.

Introduce your horse to the race track once he is at least 32 months old, and is ready to begin speed training.

Train your Thoroughbred to run at full speed for short bursts. As he improves in speed, he will also improve in endurance and distance.

Allow the horse’s true speed to evolve and blossom over time.


  1. Todd A. Pletcher – Kentucky, USA
    Starts: 716
    Wins: 168
    Seconds: 122
    Thirds: 104
    Purses: $16,286,212
  2. Jerry Hollendorfer – California, USA
    Starts: 704
    Wins: 169
    Seconds: 141
    Thirds: 96
    Purses: $8,625,615
  3. Steven M. Asmussen
    Starts: 881
    Wins: 208
    Seconds: 145
    Thirds: 135
    Purses: $7,892,991
  4. Bob Baffert
    Starts: 269
    Wins: 59
    Seconds: 46
    Thirds: 37
    Purses: $7,588,664
  5. Mark E. Casse
    Starts: 543
    Wins: 95
    Seconds: 94
    Thirds: 71
    Purses: $7,474,394
  6. Chad C. Brown
    Starts: 324
    Wins: 83
    Seconds: 56
    Thirds; 49
    Purses: $7,215,793
  7. William I. Mott
    Starts: 458
    Wins: 66
    Seconds: 74
    Thirds: 67
    Purses: $7,186,661
  8. Michael J. Maker
    Starts: 598
    Wins: 143
    Seconds: 95
    Thirds: 84
    Purses: $6,047,671
  9. H. Graham Motion
    Starts: 484
    Wins: 98
    Seconds: 74
    Thirds: 69
    Purses: $5,894,466
  10. Christophe Clement
    Starts: 313
    Wins: 61
    Seconds: 64
    Thirds: 51
    Purses: $5,734,603