World of Haunted Houses [Infographic]

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A good friend of mine from my teenage years who I had lost contact with for many years got in touch with me a few years ago, checking to see if I was still alive, and we had ended up having a nice conversation. Little did I know that I probably should have asked for his autograph at the time.

The last time I remember talking with him, he was teaching me new magic tricks, showing off, and he always knew how to make everyone laugh. We were just getting ready to enter high school and I moved away. Just as what happens in all our lives, we move, grow apart, and lose touch with old friends. When we get in touch with those old friends again years later, it is sometimes amazing to learn about how they are doing.

I had recently graduated college and was in Israel exploring the country, while teaching English, and he was out looking for ghosts, looking for supernatural phenomenon, and checking out haunted houses on a show called Ghost Hunters on SyFy (formerly SciFi). You may know him as Tango, Dave Tango. @DaveTango

I had been out of touch with television for a few years so I had no idea he was on the show, though I had heard of the show before. A few YouTube searches later and I got to see him hunting for ghosts in many areas around the country.

Whether you believe it to be all hype or not, there are sometimes multiple reports of haunted houses and certain areas around the entire world that experience unexplained supernatural phenomenon by different people, and sometimes, seeing is not always believing, and you may just need to experience it yourself to believe it.

This infographic, courtesy of, presents A World of Haunted Houses.

World of Haunted Houses [Infographic]

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A World of Haunted House

Paranormal Factivity

United States – 28% Say they’ve seen a ghost, 45% believe in ghosts

Canada – 18% Say they’ve seen a ghost, 47% believe in ghosts

United Kingdom – 12% Say they’ve seen a ghost, 52% believe in ghosts

32% of Americans believe ghosts can interact with the living

9% of Canadians believe they live in a haunted house

27% of UK residents think reincarnation is real

Number of Reportedly Haunted Houses

USA 393

Canada 137

UK 79

Australia 14

Mexico 10

France 7

Germany 7

Romania 4

Russia 1

The World’s Most Notorious Haunted Locales

Monte Cristo Homestead
Junee, New South Wales

After a series of haunting murders, the Monte Cristo Homestead has the most reports of paranormal activity in Australia.

the year the mansion was constructed by Christopher Crawley

Monte Cristo
literally means Mount of Christ

acres of land Monte Cristo sits on

Bran Castle

In 1459 Vlad the Impaler, better known as “Dracula,” called Bran Castle in Transylvania home.

$140 million
estimated worth, making it the second-most expensive estate in the world

Romanian word for “Devil”

the number of people who visited the castle last year

Myrtles Plantation
St. Francisville, Louisiana

The Myrtles Plantation is believed to be haunted by former slaves. The 215-year-old house is now a bed and breakfast. Guests claim to hear spirits talking and tunes coming from a grand piano.

The number of rooms open to brave guests

The number of different ghosts reportedly seen around the plantation

Rose Hall
Montego Bay

Legend has it Annie Palmer murdered the men she dated when she got bored with the relationships. In 1831, Palmer was reportedly strangled to death by a man who was convinced she had placed his granddaughter under a spell.

4 feet 11 inches
Annie Palmer’s height

Obeah Woman
Annie Palmer’s nickname. Obeah is Jamaican for “voodoo.”

The number of men Palmer reportedly married and killed.

Amityville House
Amityville, New York

In 1974, Ronald DeFeo Jr., the oldest of five children, was convicted of murdering his parents along with his four siblings. The Lutz family boguht the DeFeos’ house and began witnessing things like levitation and objects flying across the room.

The number of months after the murders that the Lutz family moved in

The number of days the Lutz family lived in Amityville

The price of the house when the Lutz family purchased it


Real estate laws in the United States categorize paranormal activity as an “emotional defect,” but most states do not consider it a “material fact required to be disclosed” to homebuyers.

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