World Of Brand Events [Ebook]

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Love to get quality stuff for free? Admit it, you do!

I like to get free stuff from brands. Believe it or not, getting free things for review isn’t the exclusive domain of writers at glossy magazines, etc. Nowadays, the role bloggers play in the marketing puzzle is strengthening. Thought leaders like Dan Cristo and Gerald Weber predict marketing trajectories in the “attention economy” we live in are moving us more and more toward influence campaigns and quasi-compensated content creation.

In my ebook, I elaborate on ways you can shmooze with brands at tradeshows to walk away with a review product. Alternatively, I let you in on ways of persuading brands or agencies to ship review products right to your door – all at no cost or heavy commitment to you. The goal is to be that unique content creator. The goal is not to be a formal brand ambassador under a contract. You are more like a brand advocate. I call it commitment when you’re asked to sign something. My suggestions do not involve signing of anything. No pressure!

At every angle, it is a win-win situation. You don’t need to sign anything, your product reviews will do double-duty as unique blog content (which can  boost blog traffic if you use good promo strategies), and the increased traffic (if nurtured and maintained) can build your blog’s market value should you choose to sell it down the road. If a specific review product isn’t to your liking, typically the minimal obligation is to inform the brand or agency privately as to why. Then you can sell the product to someone who wants it via Craigslist or eBay! This is not a plan to replace your day job. All this is is simply a fun world that can provide occasional supplemental income and a way to build a semi-liquid asset for your future. The ebook itself is 7 pages long in a large, easy-to-read font.

Download: A Way To Start In The World Of Brand Events, PR, Brand Ambassadors & More