Workplaces Nurses Love [Infographic]

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There are two types of nurses: Those who love their jobs and those who don’t. If you’re studying and planning to work in nursing, because of the money, as I’ve heard from many nurses: This job isn’t for you! There are far better jobs that pay more and are less stressful! Go for it! Run! Run as fast as you can! Get away from nursing! Now!

The stress alone from the job is surely not worth the amount of money you’re paid. If money is what you’re after, you’re going to be miserable making your paycheck. Maybe its the long 12-hour shifts. After 3 days of working, you’ve got 4 days off. But when you head back to work, you’re in for being overworked and what seems like being way underpaid, for all the patients and tasks you are assigned.

A nurse is a special kind of person. A nurse must be passionate and compassionate towards both their patients and the patient’s family. No one dreams of being in a hospital and having to be a patient. Unfortunately, life happens, and health deteriorates, and there are doctors who prescribe the medicine, but it is the nurses who help ensure the patient is kept comfortable and for the most part, alive. It may seem that doctors get the credit for saving a patient’s life, but a caring nurse can go a long way.

A nurse will face birth, illness, disease, terminal sickness, recovery, and death. The importance of a nurse is highly underrated. Nurses attempt to prevent further illness and injury, alleviate suffering, and advocate in health care for individuals, families, communities, and populations. They care for every age of the population and no matter the condition, there are nurses who will care for any type of patient. Nurses often juggle several patients at once and are stressed out due to their workplace being understaffed or not fully equipped. A nurse will make the best of the situation, often “bite the bullet”, and do their job. A nurse is on or at a very similar level to that of a mother, caring, loving, and ensuring proper comfort.

This infographic covers some of the best workplaces that nurses love.

Workplaces Nurses Love [Infographic]

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Workplaces Nurses Love

State: Arizona

Mayo Clinic, Phoenix
Great benefits
(on-campus childcare and subsidized gym memberships)
Fantastic new-grad training program
Patient-centered care

Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Phoenix
Terrific management
Plentiful opportunities to help shape care
Great new-grad program

St. Joseph’s Hospital, Pheonix

Tuition reimbursement program
Excellent (free!) health coverage
Low nurse turnover rate
State: California


Scripps Health Hospitals, San Diego Area
Top-notch coworkers
Amazing benefits
(free massages and yoga)
Supportive administration

Stanford Medical Center, Stanford, Palo Alto
Kind doctors
Killer benefits (tuition and carpool assistance programs)

UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles
High pay
Campus culture (Baskin-Robbins stores and wooded areas)
Guaranteed breaks and minimum staffing levels
State: Florida

Gulf Coast Medical Center, Panama City
Smaller patient load
Great benefits (adoption and tuition assistance)
Competitive pay

Miami Children’s Hospital, Miami
“Family-like” feeling among staff
Respectful managers and doctors
Excellent teaching hospital

Sarasota Memorial Hospital, Sarasota
Flexible hours
Good nurse-to-patient ratio
Friendly staff
State: Pennsylvania

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
Energetic floors
Excellent staff
Focus on patient care

University of Pittsburg Medical Center, Pittsburgh
Great loan repayment program
Excellent staff rapper
Friendly coworkers

Lehigh Valley Hospital, Allentown
Nice environment
Supportive staff
Atmosphere of camaraderie
State: Georgia

Emory University Hospital, Atlanta
Excellent employee health benefits
Beautiful campus
Tuition reimbursement program

Piedmont Hospital, Atlanta
Advanced technology
Tuition assistance program
Excellent orientation program

St. Joseph’s Hospital, Atlanta
Friendly doctors
High salaries
Culture of learning for employees
State: Michigan

Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit
Friendly staff
Paid certification and training
Approachable administration

St. John Providence Health System Detroit Hospitals, Detroit
Well-run units
Great cafeteria
Free parking

University of Michigan Health System and Arbor
High pay
Excellent retirement plan
Fabulous healthcare plan
State: Illinois

Lurie’s Children’s Hospital of Chicago, Chicago
Supportive administration
Newly constructed facility
Great health benefits

Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago
Wonderful benefits (free massage therapy)
Stellar campus and cafeteria
High pay rates

Rush University Medical Center, Chicago
Outstanding coworkers
New-grad friendly attitude
Excellent pay
State: Texas

Parkland Memorial Hospital, Dallas
Encouraging administration
Passionate staff
High staffing levels

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas, Dallas
Great sign-on bonuses
Low nurse-to-patient ratios
Career advancement ladders

The Methodist Hospital, Houston
Killer benefits (job sharing and tuition reimbursement)
Opportunities for growth
Supportive administration
State: New York

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital, New York City
Great health plan
High pay
Opportunities for advancement

New York Presbyterian Hospital, New York City
Great pay rise
Helpful doctors
Supportive administration

New York University Langone Medical Center, New York City
Incredible tuition repayment program
Great new-grad residency program
Big paychecks
State: North Carolina

Duke University Medical Center, Durham
Supportive coworkers
Friendly staff
Great technology

Rex Hospital, Releigh
Top-notch patient care
Excellent pay
Nurse-friendly environment

Wakemed Health & Hospitals, Raleigh
Flexible shifts
Low nurse turnover
Plentiful opportunities for advancement




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