The Workplace Zodiac [Infographic]

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Everyone is unique and has a special talent they can bring to the workplace as an employee. With a group of people comes various backgrounds, opinions, and experiences. When combined in a group that can work together, the possibilities of what this group can do are endless. A group of employee talent is normally overlooked, under-appreciated, or completely ignored. Training your employees to work together and utilizing each and every skill they possess can boost your business and make it extremely profitable.

Every employee has their strengths and their weakness. If one employee has a strength in one area, but a weakness in another area. Another employee may be able to fill the gap of that weakness and the two working together will result in increased productivity. Weakness can always be improved through practice and training so one employee may be able to learn from the other and eventually develop a new strength.

Develop teams or groups of employees and see how they work together. Have training sessions to figure out how employees work together in groups and what they can do together. Cultivate employee talent together. Eventually all employees will be working together, but figure out who works best with who and go from there in order to begin developing a more intelligent powerful team.

Some employees may be more social than others. Some employees may be more creative and imaginative. Some employees may be more optimistic and cheerful. Others may be more empathetic and sympathetic. Every employee that is working for a company has great strengths that should be harnessed and understood. A company that figures out who their employees are and what they can do, especially what it is they do in their spare time after they return home from work or what they do on weekends, as far as creativity goes, they will find deeper passion within those employees and those employees, if given the opportunity to use their skills and talents, will do amazing things for the company.

Letting employees be who they are and doing what they love will make them happy and happy employees tend to work harder and are much more loyal than employees who are dissatisfied with their jobs.

As the saying goes, “Teamwork makes the dream work.”

This infographic discusses the workplace zodiac and how individuals can enable your team.

The Workplace Zodiac [Infographic]

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The Workplace Zodiac

How Individuals Can Enable Your Team

Dreamer: Dreamers don’t just see the big picture, they invent it.

Artist: Image is everything for the visual—minded artist.

Cheerleader: The cheerleader knows that feeling goo is the key to working well.

General: The General rallies his troops and leads by example, providing inspiring, assertive leadership to get the job done.

Workhorse: Workhorses keep their head down and eyes focused on getting the job done.

Number Cruncher: When your data is an enigma, it takes a number cruncher to unlock its secrets.

Medic: Got a problem? The Medic will fix it.

Mediator: When the team hits a bump in the road, the mediator is there to smooth it out.

How Individuals Support Each Other


→ Cheerleader

— Giving Cheerleaders something truly beautiful to praise and promote.

→ Dreamer

— Keeping the dreamer inspired, focusing on beauty instead of barriers.


→ Mediator

— Solving big problems that cause disagreements the mediator would have to deal with.

→ Number Cruncher

— Data explaining benefits of big changes can help the medic rally support.


→ General

— Delivering results on time, all the time — what more could a general want?

→ Artist

— Even on the 78th, the workhorse is by the artists’ side to get things done.


→ Mediator

— Offering mediators moral support as they sort out the toughest conflicts.

→ Number Cruncher

— Giving underappreciated number crunchers their due recognition


→ Medic

— Medics rely on mediators to keep everyone happy during big changes.

→ Workhorse

— Clearing hurdles for the workhorse to keep going without distraction.

Number Cruncher

→ General

— The number cruncher can always provide data about the new plan of attack.

→ Dreamer

— Inspiration comes from the truth, and the number cruncher offers a unique angle on it.


→ Artist

— Creativity begets creativity, and the dreamer challenges the artist to go wild.

→ Cheerleader

— Nothing gets a cheerleader excited like a big, bold idea.

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