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Ok here i go… Cant talk to my friends about this so you are going to hear it…

First off i am engaged to a wonderful woman that i don’t want to hurt… That being said for the last 4 months i have had a crush on one of my subordinates. She is younger than me by 10 years and a tall red head. Born and raised in missouri and if you just listened to her voice with your eyes closed you can picture her in overalls with a bit of straw in her mouth. Between the image and her voice i melt!!!

She has had a hard life… Moved several times…And lost all of her belongings. Now she works for me.

A week ago she broke up with her bf and left the apartment. With no place to go she was in a shelter. I am a nice guy and i don’t want her to live like that. Also i swoon over her duh.

So i asked her to move in with me and my fiancee…. Yeah you guessed it! trouble in the making. I have not made any advances towards her and will not. But i do bend over backwards for her and have given her money for clothes and food. I also gave her a cell phone.. Yeah double trouble… She has agreed to pay back the money i have lent her.

But deep down i don’t want her to leave… Yes it’s fucked up since my fiancee lives with me too!! I don’t want to see her in a bad place or with a bad person and i really don’t want her to go… What in holly hell have i done!!!! She sleeps on my couch and i go up stair wanting to kiss her goodnight!!!! Help!!! We are friends and i don’t want to loose that either. Why do i keep thinking of her!!!



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