The Cost of Shaving for Women [Infographic]

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No Shave November For Women

In a previous article I wrote, I discussed Why Men Shave in accordance with No Shave November. There is no reason why the rule cannot apply to women and shaving. If you are a woman and daring enough to do it, take the month off. If there are essential parts of your body, specifically your face that you must shave, than do so, but this is a month for you to take off, just as it is a great excuse for men to not shave. In fact, the Winter season is coming, why not take off for the entire season? Don’t you wish!

Evolution has caused both men and women to have hair in certain places. Some men and women are hairier than others, but almost all men and women grow hair and must continually groom in order to upkeep their appearance for public display.

Despite the stigma that women may face for shaving or not shaving, it is probably not something that women look forward to, but often end up having to do because of the social expectations surrounding the issue.

Imagine a man with hairy legs in shorts and a shirt walking down the street, hanging out on the beach, or getting some food in a grocery store. Perfectly acceptable to society and not many people would give him a glance or the situation a second thought.  Now imagine a woman doing the same exact thing, in her shorts and a shirt, with hairy legs. This would be considered “gross”, “weird”, and unacceptable to the majority of society, though there are some women who have blown past that stigma, ignored it, and choose to be how they are regardless of what anyone thinks of them.

Some women choose to forego shaving all the private areas, loving winter especially, when they get a chance to relax on shaving their legs and underarms, while others choose to shave aggressively for their significant other, who may like them bare, though there are plenty of men as well, who love an un-shaved woman. Many women prefer to shave in order to keep their significant others happy, while others choose to shave because it is the only way they can feel comfortable. Some women choose to continue shaving, while others choose to get waxed, and there are many other women who choose to have their hair removed with a laser so that it never grows back or grows back very slowly.


Some women are born with genetics that make them more hairier than others and cause hair to grow in awkward places. Some women have the ability to grow beards, mustaches, and uni-brows. There are even some women who take pride in being able to grow these aspects of themselves out, proudly showing them off, feeling as though they were born that way and they should not have to hide anything about themselves.

Shaving is done by both men and women throughout the year, for those who choose to participate, and those who are forced by the social stigma of society to shave, in order to upkeep with human hygiene and look presentable in society and the workplace. The pressure to shave is placed more upon women, as it is assumed they will keep up a clean appearance, not just in the workplace, but in the home, and in the bedroom.

While men spend a fair amount shaving throughout the year, women spend far more time and money grooming themselves and keeping up their appearances. The costs associated with grooming, shaving, and appearances can be ridiculous and run very high.

This infographics presents the cost of shaving for women.

The Cost of Shaving for Women [Infographic]

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The Ridiculous Costs Of Shaving

12 Times Per Month

The amount of times the average woman shaves per month


That is how many times the average woman will shave in her lifetime!


10k Is the average amount a woman will shell out in her lifetime on shaving related products

50 Billion Litres

The average amount of water wasted from shaving per year.

10+ Minutes

The average amount of time wasted each time you shave.

Band Aids

A Box of Band Aids Costs About $2.00. Nicking yourself with razors is no fun!

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