Why My Job Is the Best Thing I Ever Did

Author: Adam M. Cenroe
Website: http://fiverr.com/adammcenroe
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About six months ago, I was broke. I had enjoyed a comfortable life so far, making my way through school without much trouble and also enjoying a pretty easy time at college – I completed a Computer Networking course – and it was pretty great. However, when it came to going to University and having to actually try for a change, I totally collapsed. I failed my course, albeit marginally, and it put me in a downward spiral. I had realised my lack of effort was going to cost me the year. As I was now learning about things I never had heard of that if I had listened in class I would have, I began to try beyond my means to make sure I passed my exams. Alas, two years of messing around and coasting my way through College had taught me my lesson.

I had recently quit my job to study more for my Exams, and as that did not work out, I was in a tight spot. My family couldn’t afford to carry me as a passenger, so I sucked it up and signed on to Unemployment Benefits. It was a hard time for me, I had never been without employment since I left school, but had left my previous job in acrimonious circumstances, just as things began to turn sour across the globe. I started to look for employment anywhere I could – warehouses, department stores, anything at all – but I found nothing.

Eventually, I stumbled across an e-book online which claimed to teach you how to do web design, from your house, within 48 hours, and start making a profit within a week. I had a little bit of money saved over, and I bought it. Within a month, I was signed off from Unemployment Benefit and in the process of setting up my own business. It was a very exciting time, and I was seeing regular Web Design business. I had always been keen with a computer, but I never expected that I would be designing websites at the drop of a hat. However, as much as I enjoyed Web Design, I felt in a bit of a rut soon after as I hit a bit of a point where I was accepting clients at very low fees, for a lot of extra work, and was struggling to have any time to myself.

Despite working from home – the dream – I was not earning enough money as my time literally did not exist. I did, however, get a lot of appreciation for the content I wrote for the websites. This has in turn led me to start a new branch of my business, which works strictly on Content Management. Now, I get to work from home and work on my laptop, listening to my music, writing about interesting topics for a good price. I now earn enough money to comfortably pay my way at home, and help out a little more. And I recently returned to complete the final class of my University. Without the four or five recommendations about my writing, I may still be struggling to make ends meet and enjoying a very difficult lifestyle. Instead, I work comfortable hours and recently found the time and money to defeat the one thing which has knocked me extremely hard in life – it feels extremely liberating to say that.


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