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A boy of 8, living next door to the Somerset County Fairgrounds and making my first sales of garden produce to gypsies who set up the fair one week in August is my first entrepreneurial adventure and that was almost 60 years ago. Meyersdale, PA is a quaint town of less than 2400 inhabitants that quite magically has maintained that populace today and still hosts the county fair around the third week in every August without missing a beat.

Such is the memory of a career beginning and decades of living sales in one form or another. I can mentally document this wonderful life in methods of short story writing. Writing is what I do now and I consider it the magic conquest that overcame me through the powerful gifts of the Universe through the wonderful Law of Attraction principle. It can not be explained in any other way.

I can look back now and fully understand that my ups and downs had to do with how I felt. In short, there was nothing more important than that I felt good and that is more important in life than ever before in our modern time demanding world related to our professions and personal lives. One can compartmentalize the two but they can’t be totally separated. Happy at work and not happy in your personal life cannot sustain longevity of success even though we know from history that many have prospered greatly in financial success but failed at personal happiness and maybe they died rich, but in reality were they truly rich?

At about the age of 12 I became fascinated with transistor radios to Ham and CB radios. That fascination drew the desire to get into radio. By chance on a cold rainy October afternoon I used the motorcycle shop telephone to call the local Frostburg, MD radio station of WFRB. By chance the secretary who answered the phone knew me by name. She graduated high school one year ahead of me. I asked her how somebody could get into radio.

By chance the boss got on the phone and asked how soon I could be at the station. I explained it was raining and I had to take my motorcycle out to the local Acme market to get my mothers car, drive up to the house for a change of clothes and I should be there in an hour. I made the appointment and got the job and passed my FCC Radio/Telephone 3rd class license and within two weeks I controlled the 4:30 till 11pm FM side of the radio station.

Within two years I was given the opportunity to open a new sister station about 50 miles away in Brownsville, PA known as King Bee Radio, WASP. I spent seven years as the Sales Manager and then made a move to Long Island, New York where I started my own company, Brooke Supply Company and did stints in sales for radio stations now and then because of my love of radio.

In 2004 I began my first Internet radio program “TheHomeBusinessRadio” on the TalkShoe format. Later it was “MeyersdaleAlumniRadio” program which airs every Thursday night and all 150+ programs to date are archived. That show lead to writing a weekly article in my home town paper, The New Republic where I promote the Great Allegheny Passage for the Rails to Trails program in our nation. That all started because I wrote a short story in 2007 and since then I became a top seller short story writer on Because of that my Internet presence and earning dollars online is giving me the opportunity to move back to my home town in 2013.

By chance or by design, a person’s life becomes what you think about the most. It’s called the Law of Attraction and I’ve known about its existence long before the wave circled the globe in the marketing circles. Their promotion of the Law of Attraction has a lot to be desired. I found a few more choice sources for learning about what I have been living and can validate its existence. We were all born with it. Go figure.

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