What’s Your Number?

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A Number is just a Number

Today I’m blowing the whistle on me and my number. It’s a number I’ve carried in my mind for a couple decades. My number represents the ideal weight I wish for. That’s right, while I’ve wished it would happen, I haven’t made it happen.

Do you have a number in mind – the number that represents an ideal for your life, your nirvana? Some of us carry our “perfect weight” in our head. We imagine ourselves as our lighter, leaner selves.


Others of us have a salary or bonus number in mind. They know exactly what they’ll do the very moment they hit their mark. Once they’ve achieved that number, they think, life will be incredible. That’s when they’ll really start living.

My number stopped me from feeling good about myself. It made me put off buying some great outfits because in my mind that lighter weight is right around the corner.

If you are someone who sets a goal and gets it done, then it is terrific to carry a goal in your head. For those of us, however, who’ve set a goal but have taken no action, it may be time to stop and reassess. That bliss we felt about setting our goal may have gotten in the way of actually making our goal happen.

There is a fine line between working towards a goal and putting life on-hold til you “get there.” If you’re one of the people whose life is on hold til you get to your number, think about what will really happen when you get to your number? How will your life be different? Will it really?

Some of us commit so fully to our “number” that we fail to enjoy our days. Somehow we put parts of our life on hold. That’s how we miss out on whole days of living.

Life won’t really change on the day you reach your goal and achieve your number. Yes, you’ll probably be healthier or wealthier but you’ll remain the same person. Instead of holding out for an arbitrary number, I choose to live today fully. How about you?




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