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Weekly Challenges

Positive Collage

Relax and Enjoy Life [Challenge]

Challenge of the Week: Complete Relaxation without Stress

If you have stuck with me this far, this will be the last challenge of the year. I have given a challenge each week for the past 52 weeks,….

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Give A Gift To Someone This Week [Challenge]

Challenge of the Week: Give A Gift To Someone

It is close to Christmas time and while we all hate the commercial holiday it has become, it is the time of year where we find ourselves Read More →

Organize Clean Desk

Develop Clean Habits This Week [Challenge]

Challenge of the Week: Clean! Clean! Clean!

It is near the end of the year and at the beginning of the year, in January, you were challenged to Organize Your Desk. You still have not done anything with….

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Americans Vacation Days

Plan A Vacation [Challenge]

Challenge of the Week: Start Planning Your Vacation for 2016

There have been many studies and reports done on Americans and the rest of the world on who is vacationing and who is not. While those who are employed around….

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Give Charity Donations

Donate Your Stuff [Challenge]

Challenge of the Week: Donate Your Items

Give is a powerful word that we often don’t express. Instead, we want to receive and we love to receive. Something happens when you give, you do actually receive, and it feels great. Between….

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Learn To Bake [Challenge]

Challenge of the Week: Love Food, Learn To Bake

Last week, we explored how many people do not have the basic skills of cooking, so your challenge was to Learn How To Cook. This week, we remain on….

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Cooking Class Tra Que Herb Village Hoi An

Learn To Cook [Challenge]

Challenge of the Week: Love Food, Learn To Cook

It might come as a surprise and a shock to some people, as it did to me, and my survey of my co-workers, friends, and complete strangers, but the truth is: many people….

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Brushing Teeth

Brush Your Teeth Twice A Day [Challenge]

Challenge of the Week: Brush Teeth At Least Twice Day

One of the very first things that any of us learn and what we teach our children is to brush our teeth. When it comes to brushing teeth, we often….

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Halloween Candy

Bring in Candy For Everyone At Work [Challenge]

Challenge of the Week: Bring in Candy for Co-Workers

It is the week after Halloween. If you took your children trick or treating or if you still do it yourself, you probably have plenty of candy lying around that you….

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Daily Calore Counting

Log Calories [Challenge]

Challenge of the Week: Calorie Counting

When it comes to food, there are two types of people in the world: those who count calories and those who don’t. Most people eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks in between without a second thought….

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