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Before you make your judgments, know that I never intended to find myself here. It’s a big secret, what you’re about to read about. It’s a dirty secret. Embarrassing secret. Shameful secret. I have a BA in Anthropology, and am a passionate people-watcher. I don’t judge, because it takes all kinds to make the world go around.

Humans are sexual beings, curious and sexual. How else would our species have succeeded? It is in our genetic code to spread our gene pool as much as possible in our lifetime. Whether we like to admit it or not, humans are not monogamous creatures. We pass ourselves off as such for reasons that society imposes. For that reason, sex sells, and sex will always sell. Prostitution, for example, is the oldest profession in history. With that being said, I am not a prostitute.

For those of you who are perhaps naive about the term “Webcam Model,” I can only say that the name of the profession is misleading. A Webcam Model is one who puts on a show (I use this vague term for a reason) for money. Visitors to the website that you are broadcasting on are primarily men. Depending on the website, different tipping or payment systems apply. In short, I appear on a live webcam stream in exchange for money.

Because of the varying interests of clients, visitors, patrons – whatever you’d like to call them – shows vary just as much. Most commonly, clients come to my chat room for sexual reasons. Sexual, in this industry, is also a vague term. Other times, rarely, men visit my chat room for friendship, companionship. A well-liked “model” (I am of the opinion that the term “personality” would be more appropriate) is able to accommodate any extreme of the two types of clients – sexual, and not. I must market myself as interesting, desirable, and compelling – all of which I think that I am, but am not so conceited to think that I am all of those things to everyone. Every woman is beautiful, every woman has something to offer, and most times, there will always be someone there to buy it.

Shows vary from clothed hour-long conversations to five-minute masturbatory sessions. Both are equally exhausting. An hour-long conversation with a stranger can test your nerves, it can bridge lines that may make you uncomfortable. The pressure is on for you to be perceived as the person that someone that you do not know wants you to be. Each show is different for each client. Some feel entitled to make you do what they want – after all, they are paying for their time with you. Others, my preferred type, find a woman the most attractive when they are comfortable, when they are themselves, and not acting. I have my boundaries, though I never openly talk about them.

My boundaries are simple – nothing illegal. This generally has all of my bases covered, as far as rape fantasies, underage fantasies, incestual fantasies, beastiality fantasies, etcetera. My boundaries are there, and yes, clients do try to cross them. It is usually up to me to steer the conversation in a different direction without judging, or simply saying, “No, I won’t do that.” This is not to say that other conversations about taboo fantasies will be ended. Often times, the most monetarily rewarding clients want you to role play morbid scenes. I find it all compelling and interesting, after the initial shock. I find that the best part of webcam modeling is that of learning to accept. I don’t have to like what people are divulging to me, but I am interested to listen. I respect each client, because they are human, but I also respect myself.

One example of a legal, albeit bizarre request, is a man who I endearingly refer to in my chat room as “The Butter Man.” The Butter Man contacts me frequently under different screen names from time to time, requesting that I slather butter on my lady-parts. As I am sitting here, writing this, I am having to constantly remind myself that this is a confession; the nitty gritty details about The Butter Man are necessary in order to convey successfully what a webcam model must endure. The fact of the matter is that I don’t ever have to endure anything. I don’t endure The Butter Man; Not everything has a price.

Ah price tags. You all want to know what I make, and for what. Each different website differs, but for the most part, one can expect to earn, realistically, about $200 a day if you really work at it. I mean *really* work at it, and put at least 30 hours a week in. I don’t have patience to *really* work at it, and I have a regular job. I do it for a little entertainment, and a little extra cash. At some points, some men will throw money at you for nothing. Just because they like you, or more likely, because it makes them feel powerful. This makes one feel uncomfortable the first time it happens, but they will spend their money as they see fit, and who am I to complain? Webcam modeling also takes its own emotional toll on those who may not be mentally prepared for harsh words meant to tear you down. Faint of heart and weak of mind need not try their hand at this gig. Many models suffer low self esteem, and it’s easy to see why. Humans are not only sexual, but sometimes malicious. With the internet comes hoards of people with problems of their own just looking for someone to take them out on. The internet has enabled millions of people to throw out nasty words anonymously, which makes them feel better about their own insecurities. It’s the only way to explain their behavior. I have to be bigger than them.

I never intended in a thousand lifetimes to be doing what I am doing right now. A webcam model; a webcam personality; a professional masturbator? I don’t know what to call myself, but I am successful. It’s not because I have no shame – I most certainly do. I have an open mind though. This is my dirty secret.




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  1. I’ve thought about becoming a web cam model, having posed for my boyfriend a few times on webcam, and I feel sexy doing it, but I know there is a certain part of you that has to ignore dignity and everything that is you for a little while because you are modeling in front of strangers who think of you as nothing more than a fantasy. And then afterwards, return back to your normal life, like nothing happened at all. As much as men think your some broken girl whose father left her or treated her badly, it’s not always that way at all, but rather.. sometimes it’s just the call of money and a chance to better your situation financially.

  2. It’s great that you seem level headed and cognizant of the emotional hazards of your profession – way too many people go into this situation thinking they are going to make loads of money, when in reality there is too much competition at this point to make large profits. You apparently are reluctant to view what you do as sex work – do you believe that prostitution is ethically wrong ?

    A prostitute is someone who performs sexual acts in exchange for money, and webcam is not so much modeling as it is performing sexual acts upon yourself or another performer at the behest of a paying client. While you are not engaged in prostitution in the sense of having actual in the flesh encounters with customers, your work is indeed on the spectrum of prostitution – you are directly interacting with clients and performing sexual acts for financial compensation, even if it is over the internet. Keep in mind that some pornographic actors deny being prostitutes, but are engaging in prostitution with other actors – they are on the spectrum as well.

    Not trying to paint you or other sex workers with a negative brush, but much of the stigma from prostitution comes often from the clients themselves. One of my long time friends is a former stripper/escort, and there is truth to the statement that almost every sex worker has encountered a bad client – someone who intends to be demeaning, insulting, or abusive. I’m fine with decriminalizing prostitution for sex workers (but not pimping or a third party profiting from the sex acts of others), but I do have some concerns with societies embracing sex work as a healthy career field, especially for younger people. I think a few can successfully handle the pit falls, while many will have some emotional and even physical fallout resulting from it.

  3. This is a great tip especially to those new to the blogosphere. Short but very accurate information… Thanks for sharing this one. A must read article!

  4. Hey Anonymous Girl,

    Great writing. I was just googling our keywords to see how my site was ranking and saw this new page.

    I love seeing legitimate, non-biased thoughts from models that are actually thoughts, not just thinly veiled recruiting pitches for various companies like mine.

    I want to address myself principally on the emotional/secretive side of the business. To what you described as “shameful”. With it being clear that I won Pandora Modeling and am 100% biased in every regard.

    I think, and have plenty of data to prove, that the absolute worst thing a webcam model can do is “check their dignity at the door.” Two things happen when a model violates their own ethical code to make money. #1 They absolutely loathe their experience online. #2. Because of that, they quit pretty quickly.

    The models who win. Meaning the ones that make a lot of money and stick around to do that month after month are the ones who have overcome the false idea that “what I am doing is bad or wrong.” Sure you can break your own ethical code for money, people do it all the time. But this job is in every sense of the word, a grind. You have to show up hour after hour, day after day, week after week, and keep pressing login and keep working at it to make money.

    That verges on impossible when you hate yourself for doing it.

    I am of the view that the simple act of webcam modeling is entirely amoral. There is neither a good or bad side of it.

    If we want to analyze it then as good or bad we have to talk dirty nasty specifics. Specifically what you are doing on cam or in private shows (which is where the money is made).

    The conversation has to focus on sex, because sex for money is what most people categorize as immoral. I don’t think it is in it’s purest form. And I agree with the above commenter Maria that performing on cam for money falls “somewhere on that spectrum.”

    A few situations:

    Situation #1: You have a 1 hour long private show where all you do is talk, fully clothed to the customer and get paid nicely for it.

    I don’t think there is any valid argument to say that that is somehow immoral. You’re exchanging your time and attention for money. Cut & dry.

    Situation #2: You have a 1 hour long private show where all you do is extremely hardcore sexual acts with toys, etc at the behest of the customer. No holds barred.

    Situation 2 is where the conversation about the moral aspect of webcam modeling has to be had. There are those who would say that that is an immoral thing. I disagree with them.

    People who say sex for money is bad, tend to have a negative view of sex as a whole. The culture is one of universal sexual repression, not just pay for play scenario’s.

    Imagine in situation 2 that the girl just does this for free. just broadcasting her sexual acts to the internet for people to watch with zero monetization by her.

    Would the critic that says being a webcam model is immoral say, “well hey she’s not getting paid for it so she is totally fine,” and accept her? I seem to have trouble believing they would.

    The attack is one that has been around for thousands of years. It’s the belief that a woman publicly displaying sexuality in any forms is immoral and needs to be punished.

    I’m in the camp that says that belief is absolutely insane and should be laughed away. I could analyze 1,000 more situations and arrive at the same conclusion with my biased view that the moral argument against webcam modeling fails every time.

    Playing the moral game is boring. Let the teetotaling armchair moralists occupy themselves, they’re boring unimportant people. We will just keep having all the fun, quite often on their dime.

    There are however other arguments against webcam modeling that are worth noticing. Of course there is nothing wrong with a woman broadcasting sex shows on a moral level. But perhaps for that girls personal style/preferences that act is something she’d consider in bad taste. There’s lots of instances where that’s the case and a lot of those girls aren’t webcam models.

    Society as a whole likes to shame girls who are open sexually. I think that’s a terrible thing.

    Just remember… The people who have the harshest negative views on food tend to be anorexics.


    Jordan Keith

  5. Hi, I’ve already been a lurker about your blog for some months. I like this article plus your entire site! Looking forward to reading through more!

  6. Thank you! As a successful MILF webcam model for over 2.5 years now I totally resonate with your post. The secret is…there is no secret….the answer is always love…keep it up!

  7. Good things come to those who wait… greater things come to those who get off their ass and do anything to make it happen.

  8. Good post. I learn something totally new and challenging on websites I StumbleUpon everyday. It’s always useful to read articles from other authors. Thank you for sharing!

  9. Good confession indeed! It reminded me of another blogpost related to web-modelling and its acceptance in today’s society:
    But the topics are a bit different of course. Still, I think no limitation (either legal or moral) should be imposed on people who want to show or to see other people’s bodies. This is still not a case in many countries, though.

  10. Why do people make assumptions about Webcam Models? Of all the alternatives out there it is the safest and your privacy remains intact! I been Webcamming for 10 years and now coach and train new models. I feel sexy when I am on Cam and I love it!

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  11. Why do people make an assumption about Webcamming! I love it I feel sexy in front of the cam. Its a great way to earn extra money and your privacy remain INTACT! Of all the alternatives in the adult industry I feel like Webcam Modeling is the best!

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  12. Dear Anonymous,
    Very well written and interesting confession. I am the type of customer/client that deem as your preferred type. I am at all times respectful of the women I chat with. I take the time to read there bio as well as look through there picture gallery and tell them when I think a certain picture is great. Not just hot and nude but some of them must spend a ton of money on professional photographers because the pictures have an artistic look to them. I may talk in free chat for a while then move on or if I’m so inclined I politely as them if they would like to visit in private. Once in private we chat for a while share information (true or not) then at some point they ask what I like and what I want them to do. My answer is always the same. You do what you enjoy and makes you feel good and I’m sure I will enjoy it. Most of the time they are blown away by this. I had one very beautiful young lady tell me that she really enjoys dancing and wanted to know if she could dance for me instead of a masturbation show. By all means yes. She danced for about 15 minutes or so then we visited again and I thanked her for a great time and we parted ways. As I pop in on a models free chat page I also read what others are posting. I just want to reach out and bitch slap some of them for there rude comments. I just don’t understand how people can be so rude and insensitive to a fellow human. I really hate the ones that come in as guest123, so you know they are not registered or in a position to pay for anything and just start making rude requests. I mean really, when in life is it appropriate to go up to a complete stranger and say something like, “hey bitch. Your fucking hot. Stick your finger in your ass and lick it and I’ll go to pvt with you. “? I believe that people who act like that have so many of their own insecurities that they try to bring others down to their level rather than try and better themselves. Just because you are viewing the other person through a computer monitor does not mean they are not real. On the other side of that screen and through the web and just outside the camera lens is a living, breathing human being with thoughts and feelings and good days and bad days. These girls are amazing at there job which can’t be easy. I’ve seen extremely beautiful young ladies doing what they do, looking sexy and typing messages back and dancing and whatever else they decide to do plus keep a sweet smile on their face while 10 guests type out rude things like, you slut, you filthy whore, I bet your dad is so proud of you, you are a disgrace and the list goes on and the lovely lady keeps smiling. My question is, what kind of person treats others with such disrespect. I bet their parents are not so proud of the fact that they raised such an inconsiderate piece of shit son. I have also witnessed the girls breaking down and losing it for a while. One girl was taking pulls off a bottle of whiskey and swearing at the people viewing her cam and she ripped off all her cloths and while crying said something like “You want to see me naked you sick fuckers here I am”. It got worse. I stayed for a very brief time and I did look at the comments people were posting. So many of them were happy to see her naked for free. That poor girl. She deserves so much more than that.

    There are limitless reasons for visiting webcam sites and not all of them fit in the stereotypical category. I personally am not extremely fat nor am I so completely ugly that girls won’t talk to me but do have my reasons. Basically everyone is there in the pursuit of something of the sexual nature but on different levels I guess you would say. I won’t bore you with the whole story but after a breakup with my long term girlfriend I realized that I am in no position to be in a serious relationship right now. I can’t and won’t go out and find a girlfriend just to have a girlfriend. Next time I choose to pursue a relationship, I want to know I have the time and energy to really put into the relationship all that it needs to last. Therefor I do get lonely (ok horny) and have used porn movies and pictures to masturbate. It relieves the pressure so to speak but does not quite do the whole job. The webcam chat to me is more fulfilling because there is some human interaction. I don’t believe I would visit a camgirl site if I was in a relationship. I feel it would be too much like cheating.

    So basically I want the world to know that we (guys who visit webcam sites) are not all the same. Some of us appreciate what you are doing as it fills a need and we respect you for doing quality work at a reasonable price. And Ms Anonymous, if you ever read this and if I ever stumble upon your chat room, I hope you are able to recognize me by my actions.

  13. Hello and thank you for such a great post really shining some light on the industry that is so often judged and misunderstood. Most performers that work with us are students who are very intelligent, bright and use this gig to make extra while at school. Plenty of them stay for years once they disco weed the ropes of the business and figure it how to earn more than in many other jobs.

    We noticed huge increase in interest to become a webcam model since the crisis started. Many lost their jobs and found webcam modeling very good income source. This is is not a job for everyone. It takes a lot of patience, I always tell new applicants. Be patient , treat it as your own business. It takes time to market yourself, but if you really follow our training guidance you can find yourself in a very lucrative business. I’m not promising big checks, but an opportunity to earn them if you really want to work it as a business not only additional gig. But even then , the money is good for additional expenses, the pair of shoes or handbag you always wanted, or that trip to Paris. And all that from the privacy of your own bedroom.

  14. The issue is that when you start being a webcam girl, its hard because you dont realize how much mind game you have to put into it. From my experience, i believe you need to have that innate business flair and the desire to succeed. Then you have to deal with the fact you have to show your naked self for a bunch of men to see. Trust me, one is easier than the other. If you are able to reconcile both approaches, you will be truly successful.

  15. Hi, with the ups of webcam modelling, no one has talked about the real dark side. I worked as a webcam model for a few months, to be fair I enjoyed it, but what scared me to the point that it has put me off even though I need the money, is some Columbian women stole my webcam stream and passed it onto porn websites for every one to watch. I found this out by one of the regulars in my room telling me and then every one else joined in and said the same thing. How is this possible? I had to spend days, weeks, going through most porn websites sorting out copyright emails and forms before I could at least go twenty pages into google without finding it properly, but my image still appears in google image. Mick take!!

  16. If you are a new model or performer I’d go with the only non-nude webcam agency. I worked for agencies where I had to take all my clothes off and I hated it. They are great and trained me as well. The agency is Angel Girl Studios at .

  17. Anonymous Feb. 2014 raised one of the negatives that was failed to be mentioned in the original article – once those images are out there, the cam model doesn’t own the rights to them and has no say over their distribution. The webcam companies can sell these images as ‘loops’ on their sites or on tube sites. So the model is making extra income for the company she’s contracted to, rather than earning any future income on those images herself. Plus, despite the claims of blockers, it’s possible to view these images in the country that the performer is from. Customers can also record the images and distribute them as well.

    Also of note is that many webcam companies take around 60-65% percent of the model’s earnings, leaving at best around 40-35%. This is something the owners are not going to mention on here about their great companies, or about how wonderful it is to work for them. They’ll just claim they’re better than other webcam companies, their contracted performers love to work for them!

    Many webcam companies also expect their models to do free chat…which means that if the customer does not want a paid private or paid group private show, the model can sit in free chat for hours and earn absolutely nothing. Then there is the cam to cam – no offense, but reality is that most of the performers don’t want to see the customers masturbating, sticking things in their own orifices. With a little work, some obsessed customers can find a model’s information from her wishlist account or even obtaining her phone number. Once he knows the identity of the webcam model, he could easily send these images to her family, or even her regular job. It’s rare but is has happened.

    If someone chooses to do webcam work, at least make it a decision based in thorough research and understanding of what the risks and benefits are – not naive, rosy notions about making wads of cash for just stripping and a little light masturbation. While it’s obviously not as physically dangerous as working as a stripper in a club or a prostitute, don’t be ignorant about the ways the contracted performers can get screwed over in this industry.

  18. This is so tru, but the other truth is…I make $3000/wk, only working 30-40hrs a week. I work under a great team. They got me going very fast always provide amazing feedback and coaching. Check them out

  19. I’ve been doing camming on CB for a month now and I’m making over $200 a day. I was surprised but now I realized how many people like to use this service. Its so safe for girls too. I think it is a great way to make money if you are comfortable with being naked on the internet. I’ve been blogging about my experiences as well so come by to chat.

  20. Nice article!!
    I am an adult webmaster, never could have known anything about webcam models, if did not land on this article.
    Different people different opinion, I liked the comment about privacy. If you got to work as webcam model you should always go for the best companies, companies who respect their models and pay them as they deserve.

  21. These comments are very helpful and I can tell you as a webcam model now for 10 years, it takes time to find your niche and feel comfortable not just camming but with finding the right place to work. I got to a point where I did not want to get totally nude anymore on every cam session, showing my private parts up close. When I started that was the only option though. Last year I found a non-nude site and love it. They taught me that you can actually make more money and still not have to masturbate on cam! Angel Girl Studios is a great place to work not just because of the non-nude format but because they pay ON TIME and have several payment options. They can be found at
    Best of luck to all!

  22. I agree with Jenny..I also work under the same team and they are amazing! If I have any questions they always respond rapidly and give me tips to make the most money. They pay me on time and offer direct deposit. With they also have a non-nude section, but truthfully you make the most showing the cookies! 🙂 give them a shout or just sign up.. I do it full time, spend time with my kids and make amazing money!

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  24. I’m very intereststed in the subject, as a psychiatrist I’m very interested in the emotional impact not only on the model but the client. It is impossible that exposing one self for the benefit of you customer has any intrinsic value for the model. We have diagnostic criteria for this type of behavior that in my opinion changes the very nature if human behavior and relationships. If you enjoy undressing masterbating, while watching complete strangers do the same, then you suffer from a voyeristic personality disorder and this not considered normal behavior.

  25. I enjoyed both this article and the comments and thought I’d add a quick note from another perspective.

    I’ve been a male performer for a couple of years now. At first it was a casual thing I did for fun, but have recently recognized that it has grown to a part-time job. Without getting graphic, I’m very hung, which is frankly what viewers come to see.

    As a straight male performer, I have a mix of men and women viewers. It is quite a rush when hundreds of people are watching and telling you how hot you are. It can be intoxicating and addictive, especially if you have body image or other issues going on. I try to keep the shows positive and about something together. The viewers have responded well and keep the spam and trolls in check. The biggest tips I get are from women cam models and a few select men that pay for a request in the show.

    Btw, being well endowed is an odd ‘hidden’ gift that goes unknown for the most part, unlike a pretty face or large breasts. While happy, I didn’t create it, so not something I feel I should be proud of (in contrast to being in shape).

    My tips IF you are about to perform:
    Be clear on why you’re doing it – Is it for fun, for money, both. It can be a lot of fun and some good money to be had, but it has a lot of risks that go along. Just balance the reasons and risks.

    Shop around – There are a huge number of webcam sites out there. Some are very professional and supportive, but there are also some that take advantage of the performers (reposting/selling videos to other sites etc). You can ask performers about their experiences.

    Have limits – I don’t accept requests for illegal things or for anything I consider to be degrading to me or the viewer. You should be clear where your limits are before somebody makes a request. You don’t want to do something only to regret it later.

    Protect your privacy – I was burned by somebody posting a private show. Assume anything going up on the net can’t ever be taken down. I had somebody call me at home after tracing my IP, which was pretty scary. Set rules with yourself about exposing personal info (such as city you live, social media or other contacts). Some sites let you block states or countries, which helps but won’t eliminate the risk of being seen by somebody you know.

    Recognize the personal impact – While you may not openly share this work/activity with everyone, you should be prepared if it gets out. It can also impact how you feel about sex and personal relationships, good and bad. If you’re in a relationship, both of you need to be ok with it or it can be very destructive.

    I’m not sure how long I will continue with it, but I find it fascinating that so many participate privately as a viewer but also in public reinforce the stigma of performing.

  26. Hi, Um well i dont know how to start this but, Ive made some stupid decisions in my life when i was younger. (excuse my lack of language). I well I hope no one judges me on this but I probably will get bashed and yelled at. When i was 16.. I went on a webcam site underage. And things happened I showed… myself and many bad things happened. I got videoed by someone who became obsessed with me and wanted to get me pregnant and blackmailed me for a whole summer. I started to know the signs when he would freak at me if i didnt say i loved him back and shit. And things escalated until someone i respect among my older friends notice my sudden energy change. I was completely drained mentally. I cound’nt do it anymore. But i got out of it and he threatened to tell my dad and take me to court that didnt happen. I eventually got a broadcasting thing that said i looked underage so i deleted the account and decided to quit. SO i did. And havent done that for 2 years…. Then things happened right when i turned 18 which is now. And the same guy told me recently he has all these videos of me with my face in them (i know im retarded for showing my face but i didnt know any better i was soeone just looking for idk i still dont know) but they were threatening me again. An i know its the same guy but i just dont know what to do. I know it has kind of nothing related to this but sense your older and you know more about the webcam world then me im seaking advice on this situation what do i freaking do. I dnt want him to send it to people on my facebook. If that got out there id be done no one would ever hire me id be stuck in the lowest scum ever. F*** excuse my language. I just dont know what to do ill take any advice good or bad. I just dont know what to do and i cant believe i did that shit when i was younger im a f***ing idiot. Sigh if you could write back to me that would mean a lot if you think i make no sense to i understand. Im not the best with english grammar. But this happened and yea :/ im stupid i just need advice. please. thanks.
    -just another person in this world
    p.s. To all the people who may bash me i know what i did was wrong i dont need to be reminded.

  27. what sight do you work for just wondering….i also cam but am trying to find a good sight….are you in nova scotia

  28. To “Someone looking for advice”
    I don’t know which country you live in, so only head this advice if you know the authorities in your country to be reasonable, for instance if you live in North America or in one of the richer European countries, I would follow this advice. I would highly recommend that you go to the police. You are now of age which means that the police has no legal requirements to contact family members. You are being threatened and blackmailed and should take all security measurements possible to ensure your safety. The worst thing that can happen is not that your videos get out.

    I want you to listen to this next bit very carefully, because it is important.

    You should be proud of yourself for searching the internet for solutions. For being willing to share your story and for asking for advice, for being humble enough to take a strangers advice into consideration.
    There are many older and far more experienced who have made the same mistakes. Someone took advantage of you as a naive young 16 year old girl and has continued to do so and that is absolutely despicable, and if I could I would make sure the person who did that to you was held accountable. You have absolutely NOTHING to be ashamed of. I will say this again. You have nothing to be ashamed of.
    In fact, I think you should be very proud of your actions today. You are thinking about your future, and about the people important in your life, and you have taken steps to find solutions to what you feel is a very real threat. This is admirable.

    There are many out there whom willingly and knowingly broadcast themselves WITH their face showing, nude, doing all kinds of sexual acts. If you are or have ever been in high school, I would be willing to bet that several of your schoolmates have done the same thing. The same thing goes for college.
    Most people under the age of 30 has at some point sent a nude photo of themselves. Most people under (and above) the age of 30 has at some point watched porn, in fact many do so regularly.
    Remember that the people who go to these cam sites as viewers are as much of a participant as you were.
    Many employers won’t care about what you have done in the past or what you do in your free time.

    You can start of by anonymously contacting the police and asking for advice, but I suggest that you tell them who you are and share your story.

    I wish you all the best.
    -Also just another person in this world

  29. I’ve been camming for 7 months now. I think it is the best job in the world. I make between $2-400 a day and I only work about 4-5 hours.

    I meet a lot of cool people while I’m working. I have great conversations and I laugh a lot. It’s not stuffy like some office, I get to let loose and fully express myself.

    I used to have a lot of stress but now I feel great. These days my only major concern is that I wish I could have the confidence to tell more people what I do. I’m afraid they will judge me.

    Anyways, thanks for this post. I also blog about webcam modelling on Chaturbate on my blog:


  30. Ive been doing this now for 3 months and i was ref by my friend who is also a model. At the beginning I was very hesitant, but now its just a job. It took me a while to understand that this involved no emotion. Once I grasp that concept is when I started owning it! I now range from $200-$400/day.. It depends on the day of the week, who is on (my followers) and time of day. My best day so far was $600/day but I was on for 12 I wont do that..its hard being on that long and performing…felt sore the next day….I did my research and found an amazing team. They are based out of AZ and are always avail via text or email, even phone and skype. Anytime I have q’s they always respond. They offer direct deposit and pay on time.check them out I love what I do now…however everybody thinks I do at home tech support.

  31. actually im a cam girl and i have been for years. you point out to very true things but you left some out or maybe they didnt happen to you. you also pointed out to girls having low self esteem. well, my self esteem is off the roof when i get on cam because having so many guys saying that im beautiful, that im the perfect girl (even if im not and never will be), having them point out qualities i didnt even think of having. let me give you a concrete example of how camming helped my self esteem: my breasts arent perfect and ive always had problems with this aspect of myself, in fact its been the only thing that made me think of plastic surgery (not to add silicone or whatever but to make them look normal) and since ive been camming and ive had all these people telling me how they love my breasts and pointed out other qualities of them that i wasnt seeing because of one defect made me love them and abandon the idea of plastic surgery.
    also, whenever im feeling down i just go online (as i work from home) and people there always make me smile. you can always find very interesting people, youre in contact with people youd never meet in real life so you can learn many things from them, about different subjects that may have never interested you before.
    another good thing about camming is that it made me explore my sexuality and obliged me to research more and this has made me find out that there are many things i like when it comes to sex and that there are things ill never do. as you said, we all have our limits. but we have to explore in order to find those limits.
    for me at least camming has been and still is a great experience! of course it has its bad parts but balancing them all for me is a positive experience.

  32. Great post. I would like to say that i think it´s better to work directly for the cam site. There are many studios taking money from the models and doing nothing for them.
    If you think that´s your case, take a look at this site: and try. I had a good experience and i´m earning a lot more now.


  33. Very thoughtful and well written. Its always refreshing to be presented with interesting and intelligently outlined viewpoints. Thank you.

  34. A Great Post.
    Webcam Modeling…..what you put into will be what you get out of it. You need to treat it like a job. You can not just log in time to time and expect to make BIG money. You need to build your customer base. Webcam Models best income is from their repeat customers. Use all the tools and training you are given and you could make a great living as a Webcam Model. Let us show you how.

  35. Webcamming is an amazing job if the model is willing to put in the work required in order to get the results they want.

    We work with all kinds of girls from all walks of life and the ones that really “make it” are the ones that work hard and show up every day. A lot of models go into camming thinking they’ll be swimming in money within the hour and are dissapointed when that’s not the case and give up.

    However sites also offer other outlets for models to make money off their work besides camming. Models could also take custom requests or sell their own clips, etc.

    At the end of the day it comes down to this: how much work are you willing to put into it.

  36. I’d like to put my input on this. I was a webcam model for like a month and I’m already done with it.
    For the month it was absolutely fun, I was gaining more confidence than ever and enjoying the tips that mean would give me for letting out a t****. Then I welcomed myself back to reality.

    If you are a webcam model and search your user up on google people WILL be able to find you. My pictures are up on another website (thank god, NOT nude), and I have no control over it. Web-cam sites make you sign a contract in which you agree you may not SUE them for enabling other websites to have this images/videos.
    Technically once its out,
    its OUT.
    Please for the sake of your own dignity, do not take this stupid “profession” into consideration. I learned a lot after searching–you’re stuff will be put on blast and there will be nothing you can do about it. Also there are very creepy people on the web that may easily track you down.
    Just a suggestion

  37. A reply to the last comment. Webcam Modeling is very safe and secure. it is true that private shows are recorded, but those recorded shows to not leave the network. Those private shows are all encrypted and can not be copied. yes, there are some cheesy sites out there that will sell their own mothers, but when you work for a good network, they do everything to protect your privacy. As far as the creepers that visit these websites, well many of them pay BIG money on Webcam Models.
    The bottom line is this, work for a Webcam Company that has been around for a long time and has a live person you can talk to and is based in the US like us and we will be here for you every step of the way.

  38. I can tell you that I wouldn’t do webcam modeling because I did not want to get nude. I found a non-nude agency with Angel Girl Studios and I have been working with them for two years. Great people, pay on time and I learned how to make a lot of money without getting naked. If you want to cam non-nude I would suggest

  39. Hi guys!! I just started as a webcam model myself just a week ago and i love it!! I have already made over 1,500 dollars just from being on 4 days out of the week, i am a model on chaturbate im not afraid to admit it. I have to say though that guys normally tip me because of my attitude and how i treat then. But i get the big tips when i tease the crap out of them, and i already have over 10,000 regular visitors. To the girl who had herself recorded… I have had that happen to me b4 and it was all just empty words. It wasnt on chaturbate it was on a different site, girl, show him who is boss! And also to anybody that thinks this is prostitution, its not. I go on the site and dont ask for anything and wait for the guys to tip me and if they do then i might flash a little here flash a little there. Its teasing its forplay whatever u want to call it, and dont be a hater plz!! if u met me on the street u would never think that i did this either.

  40. N0t sure if live camming is for me. I feel that posting vids on paysites like xtube would allow me more control & privacy of my image until I read other comments about companies sharing/selling your image so now I’m a tad scare.

    Anyways, can anyone advise or direct me to where I can find advice on how to do that. Once in my city there was a day long seminar on that, but had to work (in hindsight I wished I called in sick)

    thanks in advance

  41. A pretty accurate description of the innards of a barely known world.

    I’ve recently engaged in a personal relation with a webcam model, therefore I have already learnt most of your arguments by first hand.

    Well it took a while to her to find the courage and tell me about her job, then said that she was convinced I’d vaporize from her life as I hear the ‘truth’. Of course I didn’t.

    Although my experience of life allows me to handle her job without much concerns (I’d be far more worried if she was, for instance, driving a cab in Sao Paulo), the real thing is that she migth at times become too involved in the pseudo-ethical aspects… and then words like “shame”, “not proud”, “slut”… arise.

    Even if I am a regular porno consumer, I have never used the services of on-line webcam models; but my opinion about this has always been (way before I met my GF) that this was a very clever option. Clean, safe and reasonably well paid.

    I’ve read most of comments in the thread, and wanted to say this is the first time I’ve found not a single line of disrespect in a forum’s thread, every poster (despite their different opinions) has shown an exquisite sense of politesse and respect… even some literary skills! My congrats for that.

    Also want to say a big thanks to those of you who have enlighted different aspects of this profession (I think this is the proper word) and offered several hints on how to face some of the many challenges it bears with. Hope this can help me to offer a better support/advice to my girlfriend when/if she needs.

    PS. Please excuse my English grammar, I’m Spaniard.

  42. If you’re serious about getting into the world of web cam modeling, check out

    They will guide you every step of the way and place you on the best websites with the highest percentages.

  43. I would like to know how much camera stream models takes from your earnings. Streamate takes 60% of my earnings.

  44. I’ve been researching on how to become a webcam model and i stumbled upon this. However i am based in South Africa, most sites i have seen are in the UK and the US? Could someone direct me to authentic websites please? Can a model from South Africa participate? If so which are the sites that i wouldnt need a middle man? In instances of a model who is in a different continent, how does that work? Thanks in advance.

  45. My Confession………..

    I have been a cam model with The WCMA since 2010.
    In that time I have learned a lot about myself and the industry as a whole.

    Recently my mother asked what I do for a living that allows me to live so comfortable. Any other time she has ever asked before I would beat around the bush and laugh it off.

    This time however I decided to come clean.
    I am not ashamed of what I do for a living and to be honest I earn a very good living with the company that I am with.

    My mother however acted as if I was involved in a ” sex ring ” and pleaded for me to let her help me out of ” the life ” as she put it. After calming her down she asked that we keep it between her and I and told me that she could not believe that I was taking the easy way in life.

    Easy? Are you serious I said, ” if it were easy then the world would be cam models.”

    I think many feel the need to judge what they do not understand and it’s easy to assume things when you have no knowledge of them.

    I however can assure you all that nothing about living in front of an audience is easy. If it were not for the support of The WCMA I would have quit along time ago.

    Thank you to the originator of this post for allowing me to share my story.

  46. Hey I read all your blogs and I love them! why can’t you offer something like where you can rate and review different sites to work for?

  47. I’m a guy and I’ll admit I watch camgirls. Being able to masturbate while watching a naked woman has almost certainly saved me from being accused of sexual harassment. If I have a cam show, I will be able to avoid ogling the woman at work who wears a white blouse with a black bra.

    Yes, the male need for sex is that overwhelming. I’m very glad that girls like you are there to take of it.

  48. Chaturbate is a great site to work with. I hardly ever even show my face and I make descent money. Its great for people who just wanna view free shows too. Its easy to sign up and a credit card is not required! Great! You can sign up with this link if u want. Its a win for viewers or potential models. Oh, and it’s great for affiliates too!

  49. Hello, this is a great blog it is so real! I’ve been doing this for 6 months now and OMG the money is GREAT! Im a young stay at home mom who does online school and this works perfect for me. I love it cuz its a 24/7 job, and I can make my own hrs. But most importantly my agency is the best, They are so supportive and always avial for questions and tips. I have worked for others and they forget about you. is owned by a husband and wife team and they always here to help me. They pay on time,( very important) and they coach you along.

    when I first started I was nervous, but they gave me some cool tips and now… well My shows are freaky and I make up to $1000/day on a good day. 🙂

    tell them I sent you.. Tiffany Knowles they know me:)
    check them out

    i noticed other girls from my team also posted on here.. what they say is true!

  50. Tip #1 Build Regulars & Repeat Customers

    Customers will like you for how you make them feel. Try to use positive language, verbal and non verbal. Connect with your customers on an emotional level. Make them feel good about themselves so that they remember you. This means they will be back for repeat visits, which means higher earnings for you.

    Tip #2 Setting Up Your Work Space

    Many Webcam Models are missing out on huge opportunities by neglecting the importance of their working environment. Make your working environment appealing and sexy to your customers as possible. If you are working from your bedroom, keep it neat and well lit. Use colors that accent your appeal and keep things that can be distracting to your customers out of the cameras view, like pets or televisions.

    Tip #3 Don’t Be Lazy Or Looked Bored Ever!

    Don’t just sit in front of your webcam with an non- responsive, bored look on your face. This will just make a customer move onto a more responsive and accommodating model. Instead, have fun while you work and use your mic to talk with your customers. Remember, customers like personality most of all. Capture the customer’s attention by smiling, talking, dancing, teasing and dancing.

    Tip #4 Upload Sexy & And Teasing Pictures To Your Bio

    Display your sexiest pictures on your model bio page. Make them teasing but not to provocative. Your model bio pic will be the first thing a customer see’s while searching through our network sites. The Webcam Models who have the most and alluring bio pictures, make the most earnings.

    Tip #5 Flirting & Teasing Is A Must!

    Flirt with your words and personality. Convey a sense of playfulness to your customers by teasing and seducing them. Look into the camera to give the customer a sense of rapport. Smile and use body language to tease and be seductive and appealing for possible potential customers.

    Tip #6 Look Sexy & Appealing All The Time!

    It’s called Webcam Modeling for a reason. You don’t have to look like a Hollywood super model to become an elite top earning Webcam Model. Just make yourself as appealing and sexy as possible. wear make, do your hair, wear sexy outfits, heels or stockings. Remember, every customer likes something different, so the more appealing the more customers you can attract.

    Tip #7 Set A Schedule… Treat This Like A Real Job!

    Make a schedule and let your customers know when you will be on again. If the customers know you will be on, they will return to see you. The customer can also favorite you so they are notified when you are online live and broadcasting. By treating it this like a real job, it will reward you like a real job but with much better earning results. By following a schedule and being on time for your customer, it gives them the sense that you really do want to spent time with them and will be rewarded with private chats, tips and gifts.

    Tip #8 Get Personal With Your Customers

    In open chat, get personal with your customers. Call them by their real names. This will give them a sense of reality. Make them feel comfortable with you and by doing that, they feel that you are in the same room as them. Remember, you are a fantasy to them, so carry out that fantasy the very best you can and they will keep returning and spending money on you.

    Tip #9 Getting The Most Cash, Tips & Gifts

    By setting schedules and sending emails to let your customers know when you will be online and dressing sexy and smiling and being appealing as possible, this will place you into more private chats and more tips and gifts from your customers. If you follow our Webcam Modeling training and guidelines, you will maximize your private chat minutes, tips and gifts from your customers. Our top Models are in private chats 70% of their time online. Every model starts as a beginner, but the models who want to make this work follow and use the direction we supply them.

    Tip #10 Set Realistic Goals For Yourself

    Set goals for yourself. Determine how many hours a day you want to work and what time you want to work. When you set a goals for yourself, you will work hard to reach those goals. Stay patient and stay focused on your Webcam modeling career. Learn new things each and everyday from your customers and other models in our model forum pages. Take the modeling training and guidelines we have set for you and you can be making over $100,000 per year!

  51. First off let me start by saying that it is great to see so many taking the time to post their experiences and input on this thread.

    I have been one of the highest profiled cam models on the net for the last 5 years.

    I’ve been recognized by everyone from Xbiz World Magazine to Playboy for my accomplishments both in front of and behind the camera.

    Today it seems that webcam jobs are everywhere you look.

    So is a webcam job right for you?

    Only you know you know the answer to that question.
    I could type for days about the pros and cons of working a webcam job and tell you how well my web models do, but at the end of the day only you know what you are and aren’t comfortable with.

    Although many customers pay just to get to know our male and female webcam models, we’d be lying if we said that there were not also customers who pay to see them nude or perform some type of role play scenario.

    Once again it all boils down to what you are comfortable with.

    A good webcam company should never require any of their models to do anything that they are uncomfortable with. However, the more you are willing to do on cam when getting to know your customers the more you will obviously make.

    The best webcam models are the ones who are comfortable being themselves. Many people think that they have to act a certain way when they work a webcam modeling job. The truth however is that the best webcam jobs on the net offer training and 24/7 model support to help you succeed and become the best model that you can be.

    With so many companies to choose from I can only say this:

    There is no wrong company to work for, the key however is to find the right company that works for YOU.

  52. Maria ; Jordan,

    I agree with almost everything that both of you wrote in your extremely articulate and intelligent replies.

    I only have a few issues, as a person who occasionally logs on to watch a cam or two. I have never paid 50-100 coins a minute for a private show, I’ve never bought a cam models used panties (a lot of them sell them..), and I only watch/pay/talk to American, Canadian, UK cam models (I’ll explain why shortly).

    I won’t argue one way or the other whether prostitution is immoral or not. The debate is whether cam models are engaging in prostitution.
    The definition of prostitution is the act of having sex in exchange for money.
    Your post makes it seem like these women are all alone on camera just doing what they do and getting paid for it. There’s menus, just like a prostitute. Tip 30 for topless, 60 for bottomless, 75 to lick my own feet, 100 for masturbating, 200 for anal masturbation, 500 for worn panties (more if you want them “dirty”), etc… So by definition they are engaging in sexual acts for money. It doesn’t say “engaging in physical sexual acts with another individual in return for payment.”

    Then you have the cams models who work as “couples”. The male/female menus are similar to solos but often more detailed. There’s a price for each sex act and a price for where and how they “finish”, etc.. So if someone has enough money, they can control/decide what they do, where they do it and how they end it.. They are in every way, engaging in sexual acts with another person for money.

    If I went and hired a prostitute to masturbate or have sex with someone else while I watched(which apparently happens), I would still be charged with solicitation or prostitution if the police walked in. The definition/law is the same whether I have sex or pay someone else to have sex.

    I have never had a problem with women or anyone being open with their sexuality. I firmly believe that slut shaming is more immoral, consensual sex is anything but immoral. I do however feel that using sex as a weapon or a to get ahead or whatever is not the same as someone who has sex because they like sex. Whether it’s wrong or not, I guess depends but it’s different from just being open with your sexuality.

    I know that we’re not debating the morality or immorality on the cam models side but I believe it’s more complicated than that and it goes both ways. There are spectrums of morality/immorality on the side of the “client” as well.

    I don’t know if it’s limited to the Eastern European or South American cam models, but in places that are very poor, like many Eastern European areas, where women have very few options to make a living, some cam in order to survive.

    If a college student decides to cam to make some extra cash on the side, I don’t feel it’s the same as a woman feels like she has no choice but to cam or hook or she won’t be able to eat. Obviously I’m not talking about situations where women are forced in to such situations by another individual, but on a level it’s as if their society (or economic climate) has forced some of these women into doing something.

    A year ago, I was on one of the more popular cam and there was an Eastern European woman doing the self massage thing, but it looked like she was miserable. The look on her face was exactly the same look that I imagine a rape victim has during the worst moment of their life. A look of sadness, disgust, contempt, anger, pain, etc.. was on her face while she was performing and saying things in broken English like “Do you like?”, “Thanks baby”(for tips of any size) and “This my favorite”. She actually started to cry but tried to play it off like it was tears of “joy”. I and a few others ask if she’s alright, of course she says yes. I’m sitting there, feeling like the biggest scumbag in the world, wondering if this girl is being forced by someone off camera or something.. I tipped her the balance of my account (only around 300 or so credits).

    Of course, the real assholes always come out and a few users were typing the usual filthy, degrading sh*t. I lost it, in the chat I called them out for being lowlifes and whatever else I could think of. I wrote, “Isn’t it obvious that she’s not into it?”. So she kicked me out..

    In that moment, I felt like there wasn’t a difference between a prostitute being pimped out and what seemed to be happening to her.

  53. Hi Guys and Girls,

    Nothing wrong with doing what is natural!

    I’ve performed in front of the Cam and it is a great if you use the right System.

    Check out for German cam girls, or if you want to join and perform with good rates choose register at the bottom.


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  55. Hi, we have an interesting offer for webcam models with regular customers! Absolutely free service which will allow you to receive 80% of earnings instead of 30% which pay big cam sites! If you are interested to try service absolutely free and without registration, write me on mail of camg@post .com or add me in Skype: webcam-models-group

  56. I have now been personally working in the adult industry for more than 10 years and I made my way through a lot of different things.

    I have been working together with many webcam models and many of them are close friends. I think that the industry is exciting for the people who are not afraid to go out there and show themselves to the world.

    It is a completely different experience but it is also something great to do if you are looking to earn some good money but still maintain a certain amount of freedom.

    It is always nice to hear so many different opinions on that topic.

  57. I did something I should not have done.

    I was on omegle, a site where you can talk to strangers. I was bored and a friend of mine said that she went on omegle. So i tried it out. That was the biggest mistake in my life.

    At some point i was not acting like myself i did not now what got into me. I was acting all naughty on webcam. Some sick person filmed it. But that sick person did not have the webcam on so i could not see who it was. That person threatened me that if i did not do what he said for 7 minutes he would post the video he said he taped. I did what he said. I had to take off my tank top, i did. He said to take off my bra straps. If i did not want to do it he would count down from 10 to 1 or from 5 to 1. He said if he got to 1 he would end the chat and post the video he said he taped. So I took off my bra straps. Then I said I had to take medicine because i am very sick.

    He said show your boobs for five seconds and then i could take my medicine. I flashed for i think like a split second and then ended the chat myself. I am really scared because he said he would post it on Facebook and porn sites so everybody could see. He said I will post it onto porn sites an on Facebook so everybody you know could see it.

    He didn’t say anything about coming back after i took my medicine so now i am really scared because i did not flash five seconds. And i’m scared because my mother is on Facebook so maybe she could see it. Maybe he filmed everything i did by force too and post that. I don’t know and if he does post it I know i’m going to be a big disappointment to my mother, grandmother, aunt. And if he posts it i am going to be called a slut, whore, tramp, easy, dirty, nasty. My friends and the rest of the world are going to think so.

    My mom would say i’m not her daughter anymore and that I am a disappointment. That is what i am most afraid of. My family knowing I did something like that. I regret every bit of it. It was 45 minutes ago and i have thought about killing myself. I can’t tell my mother i’m to ashamed of myself.

    I am 14 years old and don’t know what to do.

    Help me.

    This is a cry for help.





  58. This is a great blog about the industry, I’m also surprised how many people are having a couple of problems! I started Camming about 7 months ago with Eye Kandi Models and have loved it ever since. I work about 3-4 hours per day 3-4 times per week and earn about £600 a week, which is amazing! At first I did find it a struggle to find a good company to work for, especially in the UK as most sites are US based and pay in dollars via weird online payment companies. Luckily the company I work with pay me weekly straight into my bank in GBP. They really do help you out if your new and are also partnered with the big name companies (So you don’t have to worry about traffic) If your interested in joining this line of work, save yourself the trouble and sign up for free at Ive never looked back since!

  59. If your looking to get started in the webcam modelling business be sure to check out as they have some great tips and advice on what to do etc! x

  60. This is a great blog about the industry, I’m also surprised how many people are having a couple of problems! I started Camming about 7 months ago with Eye Kandi Models and have loved it ever since. I work about 3-4 hours per day 3-4 times per week and earn about £600 a week, which is amazing! At first I did find it a struggle to find a good company to work for, especially in the UK as most sites are US based and pay in dollars via weird online payment companies. Luckily the company I work with pay me weekly straight into my bank in GBP. They really do help you out if your new and are also partnered with the big name companies (So you don’t have to worry about traffic) If your interested in joining this line of work, save yourself the trouble and sign up for free at Ive never looked back since!

  61. Webcam modeling is a degrading job and in my opinion attracts the lowest trash in society. Normal people don’t go into this type of work.

    Why would anyone want to constantly be harassed and abused by perverted, clingy, attention seeking losers?!? On top of that, you get treated like shit by most of the losers that work behind these sites. They treat you like shit because you are a sex worker, a tool for their site that brings in money. If it weren’t for these girls they wouldn’t be making anything.

    One such example is Streamate. Their support is horrible and you make 35% for what to deal with bullshit from customers and support staff. I don’t think so. And when you challenge them on something they put you down, blame you and ignore you. FUCK YOU STREAMATE!!!

    Anyone that has an ounce of self-respect wouldn’t go into this profession, let alone expose your personal information pathetic sites.

  62. Working to become a high earning webcam model takes training and time. You just can’t log in and expect customers to spend money on you. Don’t look like you just rolled out of bed Make sure your hair is done and you have make up on. You are on display and you are selling something that customers are willing to buy. Make sure your lighting is good and you do not have any distractions like pets in your room or a bunch of clutter. Make your working area open and creative. Don’t text or take phones calls while broadcasting. Smile and give the customers a good product. Stick to a schedule and make a twitter account and let the customers know when you will be live. Use your affiliate account to drive more members to your live chat. Work longer days on contest days to make it where you could win a model contest.

    More important is to make sure you are working with a Top Webcam Company. We are model owned and operated and we have been hiring, recruiting, training, promoting and supply webcam modeling insight to webcam models since 2003. We are part of the world’s oldest and largest webcam chat network and we have models and studios world wide, while broadcast 24/7. We have 24/7 model support and the highest paying rates in the business.

  63. If your new to the industry or looking to get started within it, be sure to check out as they have some really helpful advice and tips on what equipment to use etc, I think personally the best company to work for if your located in the UK is as they pay directly into your bank account in GBP! xxJessxx

  64. Webcam modeling is a safe and easy way to make money while working from the safety and comfort of your own home. Unlike working in a club where you can see your customers and always having that fear someone is waiting for you in the parking lot after your shift. Webcam modeling is 100% safe and nobody will ever know your true identity. You work when you want and as long as you want. You are guarantied your payments on time and done with the most importance on your privacy.
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  66. I have been working with Eye Kandi Models for the past year and I love my job! I can work whenever i want and earn some fantastic money in the mean time. If you put your time and effort into it it really does pay off! Im earning on average of £700 per week doing about 16 hours. If your in the UK and thinking about becoming a webcam model then have a look at there website xxx

  67. Don’t fool yourselves ladies. You go this route, you have become a prostitute.

    Day one, you’ll chat, play hard to get. Be shy about exposing your breasts.

    Day ten, you have dropped your pants.

    Day twenty, you masturbated in public.

    Day thirty, you have inserted dildos and got knows what else.

    Day forty-five, anal.

    Day sixty, you realize that there are so many good looking women nude all the time, masturbating all the time, on public chat – for free. That is some heavy duty competition, girl!

    And it escalates… Soon you meet that ‘special’ guy that talks you into meeting in person. You get screwed. He wants you off your site (Does not want to share you). You get into a fight. It’s your body, its your profession. You are addicted.

    Just wait until one of your regulars makes you an offer you can’t refuse… A zillion tokes for a night with you. Don’t say you’d never, because by that time…

    You are already and officially, a whore.

    Remember, most men will screw a whore, some will look the other way and love a whore, but the man you want to love and have a family with… It will be your dark secret… And remember… this is the Internet… there is NO secrets!

    Last but not least… After a while, when you add up the hours you are spending selling your body online, you will realize you would be making more working at a decent job.

    I’ve known a few… I know… And don’t tell me you are not like that, or that you will never be… It will happen.

  68. This confession totally hits the nail on the head. I was a “cam model” for several months a few years ago. I would “work” several hours each day; some days making some money, most days just waiting for someone to pay for my time. The requests came in all forms: there was a very polite man who would pay $1.99 every minute just to chat with me while I showed him my feet, and he would tip extra if I applied lotion to them. Not bad at all! There was also a vet who would pay even more per minute just to (no joke) chat with me, ask me how my day/night was, and he would tip extra if anything sexual was included (which he left up to my discretion). Even better! But of course there were some “different” requests (I try not to judge, as well) that went as far as an incestual fantasy… this person was fairly persistent, and it got to where I had to block them from my room. I didn’t feel great about resorting to that, but *you* have to have some limits. I’m now a wife and mother, and am considering picking up camming again for nap time and late evenings, a little extra income is nice and there were times I thoroughly enjoyed being on camera. Cheers!

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  71. Good! It is such a delight to find ‘the voice of reason’ among models (as you) and users (as some people that replied)!
    I am a model for 3 years now. And i confess that i regret i found this niche in my 30’s. I’ve studied most of my life to become a Medical Doctor and i became. But in the part of the world i live in, broadcasting erotic shows pays off 10 times more than practicing Medicine. So… i will use all the human and educational background i hardly gained to meet in this online world people who might need more than instinctual interaction. I am a nude model. This field of activity made me aware of my beauty as nothing else before. I involve myself physically and mentally in every minute spent with the one that gets closer. It is not an easy job no matter how you put it. And if you simply tag it as ‘prostitution’ this really means you have never gained anything out of it.
    I love it, i am attached to people i meet there, and i am happy to share myself with them. For now, see you on Jasmin.

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  73. I also am a model for myfreecams and to tell you the truth i think being a model has helped me in areas i never would have even thought of. I come from a broken abusive home, there has been sexual trauma throughout my life and mfc has helped me with my self esteem, tremendously! Its no secret what i do for work, well to the people i keep close. My family is thankful because i dont think i would be able to be in an intimate relationship if it wasnt for camming. People ask about my self worth puting myself out there like that, you can still have self respect, morals, values. Its what you make it like everything else.

  74. As a model and head cam coach, I can say with experience that I totally agree with you! A well like model who caters to all clients can make a lot of money in camming. It’s not all sex like some people think. Some of the top earners on our networks are earning six figures catering to both sex and non-sex clients.

  75. i absolutely LOVE this article….i too am in the webcam “personality” model, whatever you want to call it….and being a mother of 2 and working a full time day job, this profession is most definitely not for the faint of heart….i love the nitty gritty details you give (admit-tingly i am new to the industry) and the realism you give in the blog…thank you for being so open and honest. i too never would have thought that i would be doing this as a gig, and yet i find myself more and more intrigued every time i sign in….keep it up beautiful!! (pun intended ;)) thank you for this!

  76. My partner recently joined a webcam agency. I must say that they where very helpful and professional. Something I find absolutely amazing is that they pay daily ”everyday” so rainy days no longer exist. Anyway I know she’s enjoying her self and I think she will go far!!

  77. So, that long and wordy comment was designed to say….what exactly?

    Are tears supposed to fall just because you consider web camming to be prostitution? Honestly, what was your actual point? She’s making money by being the sexual creature that we all already are. The only difference is she doesn’t have a corny sense of self-righteousness to get in her way.

    Here’s an idea. Continue doing whatever it is that YOU do. Let others get paid.

  78. shes making a point of view which she is entitled to in a discussion why do people like you become so personal and abusive,if you dont agree say so and state why in a mature manner otherwise leave it and go play with your toys somewhere else!

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  83. I just want to add my 2 cents here for what its worth. I’ve heard plenty of hate talk by some of the more self righteous of the world. My argument to them is simple. Every single camgirl I’ve chatted with over the years has proven to be more honest and honorable than the good Christian woman I fell for and spent 15 years of my life under the delusion that she loved me, she was honest, she was not there for any monetary gain and would make it through any rough waters with the help of God. Nothing could have been further from the truth. Sex to her was a gift if she felt I deserved it and withheld when she was not happy. The love she claimed to have always came with a but… I love you but you need to do this or have to do that or say this or that. The honesty she claimed as god inspired was only twisted lies that she felt she could justify as gods plan. The three good Christian men she decided to have an affair with were justified as god guiding them together to make a strong partnership in the name of God. It wasn’t until I let go of my belief that deep down she was a good person. Once I found the truth and decided to end the 15 year lie, she cried saying she would end up homeless if I abandoned her. I took my house key off the key ring, tossed it to her and said I’d be back for my personal belongings and nothing more. All I had acquired throughout our 15 years meant nothing so she could keep it.
    As for every camgirl I’ve chatted with over the last few years, without graphic details I can honestly say, treated me much better. In a private show I have always received exactly what was promised and took only what was agreed upon, all with a smile and a kind word every now and then. A private cam show with a virtual stranger is more honest and pure than my 15 year marriage. Anyone who says she’s only nice because I pay her to to be. Ok but how much did it cost me to have someone tear me down and cause nothing but turmoil in my life and feel justified receiving the large payment at the end.
    I’m not a high dollar frequent visitor to the cam sites but when I need a sweet smile and some visual stimulation there is always a camgirl there for me. An honest exchange between two strangers has proven to be much more satisfying.
    I say to anyone who visits a camgirl, remember, the girl on your screen is a human being, treat her as such. If you feel you are justified talking to a beautiful girl like she is less worthy than you, you are sadly mistaken. In fact, I know a good christian woman that does diverse to be treated
    To any camgirls who happen to read this, thank you. You are very necessary and relevant.

  84. I really appreciate women that come forward about their career, good for them! I also work as a cam model for a cam studio and I try hard to cope with my professional part of life.

  85. I am not sure your being totally honest. A webcam model is doing what she is doing because the decisions she has made in her life were not the best and she has not developed any relevant skill to be a productive human. Webcam model as a job is just a different shade of prostitution. So don’t kid yourself or try to argue a point that ignores the simple fact that if you had relevant skills and could make a living with those skills, then you would be doing that and not modeling on cam. Of course you never intended to do this job, because you believed you had skills and talents to do the things that you failed at and you are left with the option of being a prostitute or a web cam model.

  86. The point is simple. Don’t throw shit in a bag and try to sell it as a chocolate bar. Is a prostitute no matter how she tries to spin it.

    Her entire argument is “I never thought I would do this”, Blah blah blah. But her entire argument is, I failed at everything else i tried and I am only left with these options to survive.

  87. wow! that was pretty damn harsh… a speck of what you say is in a roundabout way sorta true (saying she didn’t see herself doing this in a million lifetimes being evidence of this job as a less-than-ideal profession), but the part that is apparent to anyone reading your correction of the author is the underlying anger in your tone. are you perfect? just wondering. because if i had to guess AT BEST there is an exhaustive list of people who may be your relatives or work acquaintances or schoolmates who view you as a person who they’d rewind reality to watch you slip and break your jaw over and over again each time funnier than the last. they like you because you make them laugh. not to your face of course, because you can’t take a joke! lol, but i mean to each other, behind your back…. you likely are very defensive in addition to being openly judgmental. does this stem from rejection by the opposite sex? why do you feel so much shame i wonder…. Are you guilty of something horrific? or is it more of the self-loathing and cultural-rejection-oriented shame? do you have a weight problem also, or is it primarily just the bad skin? perhaps you reject your own sexual preferences? just wondering. it’s interesting to me the things that leak out in a seemingly innocuous internet post.

    hahaha, i’m WAY more interested in what kind of deranged sexual deviancies take place in your head (and how much of it have you actually lived-out & whether anyone else knows) than the author! please post a selfie!

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  89. Very interesting blog post. Thank you for that. It’s just need little bit marketing skills and you can make more money with less effort. I think Kateelife is most known cam girl. She has many videos on porn sites and I think she is a millionnaire 🙂

  90. Great job ignoring the two girls that posted desperate cries for help, Bella Luna 68 and someonelookingforadvice. I guess there’s a reason y’all are stuck in this armpit industry. Too involved with yourselves to give a shit about other people, is that it? Just a bunch of blissfully ignorant self-promoters. Casualties of the social media pandemic and positive reinforcement-oriented parenting. You have shallow, materialistic, boring lives. Your souls are dogshit. If they weren’t, you would have tried to help your fellow human beings that were calling out for help right in front of your lazy asses. Their predicaments cannot be totally blamed on your “industry” and it’s efforts to normalize normalize the inherently alienating and totally disfunctional behavior of camwhoring, but it definitely doesn’t dissuade any curious young girl from trying her hand at the whole “tits” or gtfo rigamrole. Webcamming is not healthy. We are social beings that need people to respond when we hit our panic buttons.

    If you are going to leave a comment, the least you can do is read a page or two of the ones that others left. If you don’t, then you can probably assume others aren’t reading yours. So what’s the point of even leaving one? You can’t be that stupid, can you? (Why am I leaving one is another thing altogether… I guess it’s because I’m mad, and I am often irrational when angry.)

    TLDR: Underage girls reached out for help in this comments section, to no avail, because camwhores are stupid.

    Women: if you are not a feminist, you are a masochist.

    If you are a masochist, I love you.

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  92. Yes. Many girls don’t even realize what it’s like to be a cam girl. They may think that it’s enough to just sit in front of the camera and show their naked body parts. Maybe it was like this several years ago, when the cam girl websites were not so competitive. Nowadays the situation is a bit different. You really need to stand out from the crowd of other attractive models. For example, by having a quality camera, sexy clothes, professional makeup, well-organized working place, plus such personal qualities as the ability to keep up any conversation and suggest interesting topics for a discussion. Here’s a great blog post that describes exactly how to make more money on webcam and how to be a cam girl:

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