Wear Pink [Challenge]

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Challenge of the Week: Wear Pink

Celebrity Men Wearing Pink

Whether you are a male or a female, your challenge this week is to wear pink, at least once. This may not be so hard for most women, though some women may not favor pink at all. Some men may feel that wearing pink might be wrong or make others question their sexuality, but the truth is: It is just pink. Pink is a color. Pink is a color that is often more favored by women than men, and tends to be associated with young girls because pink often becomes their favorite color; but pink should get credit and enjoyed by both men and women.


As the saying goes, “real men wear pink.” Whatever happened to the statement, “real women wear pink”? It is simply not what anyone says. It is as if pink was only for young girls? Women, as well as men, should be encouraged to embrace and wear the color pink. There is nothing wrong with wearing pink. There’s even a movie starring Molly Ringwald called “Pretty in Pink” and a song from Aerosmith called Pink.

Real Men Wear Pink T-shirt

No one complains about cupcakes, cake with pink icing, or even pink ice cream. Whether it is fashion or food, or even the color of a car, pink is a beautiful color that often gets underrated, especially by men, because it comes off as a “girly” or “feminine” color. There are probably some men out there who would choose death over picking the color pink, as if it is something to be feared. Why does pink get such a bad rap, especially for men?

While the rainbow has become a symbol for same-same sexuality preferences, pink may also play a role in representing the LGBT community. This does not mean that liking or even loving pink should allow for anyone to question someone’s sexuality. The color pink itself does not represent liking the same or opposite sex, and therefore should simply be thought of as a color that can be used for just about anything.

The message to both men and women: Break the stigma, the taboo, the shame, the unspoken rule about wearing pink. There is no rule for pink. Wear it to work or throughout your day and encourage others to do the same. Wear pink this week!



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