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Veteran and Disability Related Resources

Nearly 1 in 5 people - 56.7 million - have a disability in the U.S. (1). Those with disabilities are more likely than those without disabilities to report having poorer overall health, less access to adequate healthcare and more engagement in risky behaviors such as smoking and physical inactivity (2).

Academic Accommodation Resources

Addiction Center is not a specific treatment facility, instead we are a free web information guide that connects addicts and their families with the help they need to put their lives together. As you know, more than 20% of veterans suffering from PTSD also suffer from some form of a substance abuse disorder. Our goal is to help these veterans and loved ones by providing them with information and support on different substances, addictions, and recovery resources.

Addiction Among Physically Disabled Individuals

Addiction and Suicide Amongst Veterans: Finding Hope In The Darkness Share

Americans with Disabilities Act

Americans with Disabilities Act Q&A

Art Therapy for PTSD, Trauma, Military Veterans and Post Traumatic Stress

Beneficial Activities for Kids with Special Needs

Buying a Home | Department of Housing and Urban Development

College Assistance Guide for People with ADHD

Chronic Pain Relief with Swimming Exercises

Dental Visits for a Child with Autism Guide for Family Caregivers Guide to Transportation

Divorce and Children With Autism

Employment Resources for Military Spouses

Estate Planning for Parents of Special Needs Kids

Financial Assistance for Accessibility Home Repairs and Modifications

Fire Safety & Disabilities Guide

Fire Safety For People With Disabilities [Infographic]

Guide for Disabled Homebuyers

Guide to Buying and Keeping Your Home in the Military

Guide to Cremation and Burial for Veterans: Pre-Planning, Financial Benefits, and Everything You Need to Know for Making Proper Final Arrangements

Guide to Disability Benefits from

Guide to Financial Assistance for Military Families

Guide to Moving for the Disabled

Guide to PTSD and Addiction

Guide to Traveling for the Disabled

Health Benefits of Swimming For All

Health Insurance and Mental Health Services

Hobbies for Autistic Children

Home Accessibility Costs

Home Accommodation Cost Guide for the Disabled

Home Modifications to Promote Independent Living

Home Safety for People with Disabilities

Homeschooling and Special Needs Children

How Caregivers Can Take Better Care of Themselves

How To Give Yourself The Best Chance of Keeping your Home If You Become Disabled

Increasing Physical Activity among Adults with Disabilities

KillFoot: Career information for the motto Marine

Kitchen Safety For Parents With Disabled Children

Medicare and Social Security Disability: Benefits for Disabled Individuals

Military Mental Health Resources

Mental Health Service Providers for Veterans

Mental Health Services |

Military Servicemembers’ Guide to Starting a Business

New Savings Plan for the Disabled

Obesity and Children with Special Needs

Official Website of the Military Healthcare System

Personal Finance Guide for People with Disabilities

Physical Activity for People with Disabilities

Reduce the Noise: Help Loved Ones with Sensory Overload Enjoy Shopping

Rehab and Medicare: The Ultimate Guide to Addiction Treatment for Seniors

Resources for Military Families

Retail Savings Guide for Veterans

Rights for Those With Hearing Loss

Routines and Children with Disabilities

Safety Guide for Disabled Pedestrians

Service Members’ Legal Rights While on Active Duty

Sesame Street Autism Resources for Parents

Sesame Street for Military Families

Should They Stay or Should They Go: Selling a Home with Modifications
Stay Active with a Disability: Quick Tips

Teaching Students with Special Needs

The Ultimate Guide to Airline Benefits for Military Families

The Ultimate Guide to Flying with Autistic Children

Tips for Your Next PCS Move

Travel Tips for Persons with Autism

Veterans And Substance Abuse

Veterans and Substance Abuse: The Many Sides of the Problem

Veteran Benefits

Veterans Benefits for Seniors


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