Using Social Media to Get a Job [Infographic]

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At one time, Social Media was unacceptable, especially at work. When in the home, it was considered a waste of time, with most people using it to share photos of family and friends, and sometimes unnecessary obscene social events, post random things, or keep in touch with friends with no additional value. With time grew the value of all Social Networks. LinkedIn had already been seen as valuable. Twitter would soon catch on for businesses. Facebook would soon follow.

More and more people are now claiming to find jobs through LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. LinkedIn has many recruiters searching the profiles of people and determining whether they are a good match for the company or not. Twitter contains short blurbs or tweets, often leading people to be discovered as bloggers, web masters, or just talented individuals showing off their skills and work through YouTube or other platforms. Facebook is usually more personal, with well known friends or acquaintances, but many organizations exist on Facebook, with fan pages or groups you may join to find out more about them.

If you are a job seeker, considering using social media to your advantage in finding your next job!

This infographic covers How Social Media is reshaping the job search.

Using Social Media to Get a Job: Can Facebook get you a job? Infographic

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Can Facebook Get You a Job?

How Social Media is Reshaping the Job Search.

The days of printing out a stack of résumés and handing them out at job fairs are definitely over. Social media is the new 24/7 job fair, providing amazing ways to constantly stay on the radar of prospective employers, but many people still don’t know how to utilize it. Don’t let your MBA go to waste. Here’s the lay of the social job seeking land in 2011, based on a recent study by Jobvite:

How People Are Finding Jobs?

1 in 6 workers used Social Media to get hired.

How employees found their current job?


Referral from Professional or Personal Contacts 36%
Newspaper 30%
Internet Job Board 30%
Internal Job Listing for Current Employees 21%
Company Career Site 20%
Online Social Network 16%
Career Fair 14%
Recruiter Agency or Independent 13%

Nearly 9 in 10 Job Seekers have a profile on a Social Media site.

54% of all Job Seekers use Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn to find jobs.

Social Job Hunting by Network

18,400,000 Americans say Facebook got them their current job
(That’s more than the populations of New York City and Los Angeles combined)

8,000,000 Americans say Twitter got them their current job
(That’s equal to the entire state of New Jersey)

10,200,000 Americans say LinkedIn got them their current job
(That’s more than the state of Michigan)

Job Hunters in the last year: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn
Used the site to look for a job 50% 25% 26%
Put professional info in their profile 20% 8% 15%
Got a job referral 16% 6% 9%

The face of the job hunter:

56% male on Facebook
65% male on Twitter
69% male on LinkedIn

44% female on Facebook
35% female on Twitter
31% female on LinkedIn

Earn more $75k per year
36% on Facebook
48% on Twitter
54% on LinkedIn

Under 40 years old
64% on Facebook
69% on Twitter
53% on LinkedIN

College Graduates
42% on Facebook
49% on Twitter
58% on LinkedIn


“Super Social” job seekers are those with more than 150 contacts on a given network

4 in 10 job seekers are “Super Social” on one of their sites.

Over 1 in 4 Super Social Seekers found job through social networks.

Where are users “super social?”

84% on Facebook
39% on Twitter
35% on LinkedIn

Super Social Seekers vs. Normal Job Seekers
Moral of the story: being Social pays off.

Super Social Seekers Normal Job Seekers
Search for Jobs on Twitter 32% 20%
Updated Facebook profile with Professional info 45% 9%
Had contact with a Recruiter on LinkedIn 48% 11%

Tips for Super Social Seekers

1. Facebook
– Post “notes”
– Notes stay in friends’ feeds longer than status updates. Use them to describe your situation and job interests.

2. Twitter
– Follow Companies and Jobs Feeds
– Follow companies you’d like to work for, as well as their employees. Reach out to them and inquire about jobs.

3. LinkedIn
– Use a profile picture that you use on multiple sites
– You may be multifaceted, but using 1 photos helps you seem consistent and memorable.

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