Do You Know The Unsung Heroes Of Your Life?

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Be A Unsung Hero

Do You Know The Unsung Heroes Of Your Life: Single Parent

There are so many unknown heroes in the world today. People sing the praises of great activists, soldiers, Nobel Prize winners, actors, etc. However, we forget the heroes in our own lives, in our community or even neighborhood. Unsung heroes are hardly ever prominent, for they do not share any hall of fame which the world famous heroes occupy. They have never received accolades, titles or medals of appreciation for their acts. However, it is admirable that they do not complain or moan about it. What matters to them are the people they help, the lives they touch and create a presence. Their acts of compassion, love and courage, makes a world of difference to someone else’s life.

Today, everybody’s eyes and ears are tuned in to the cricket matches or award ceremonies or movies. Enthusiastic fans cheer on their cricket heroes or movie heroes, however, there are many working diligently on the sidelines, transforming homes, painting schools, changing lives and meeting flood victims. There are many institutes like the Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes who acknowledge their work and give credit for that.

True heroism and valor lies in the hearts of exclusive individuals like the unsung heroes. Unsung heroes are those who understand the extent of responsibility that comes with freedom. They do not seek praise, titles, fame or status. They work non-selfishly and engage in voluntary acts to help under-privileged people. Most people are not appreciated enough, and the bravest and difficult things we do in our lives are usually known only to ourselves.


We must question ourselves. Do we take out time to appreciate unsung heroes of our lives? Just look around with your eyes and mind wide open. Unsung heroes are present everywhere. They are present in schools, neighborhood, workplaces, communities, volunteer groups and much more. Our parents, brothers and sisters, volunteers, friends etc are the real unsung heroes of our lives and society. They might not receive any rewards for their hard work, but they are driven to do what they do just out of willingness and compassion. For these unsung heroes, the smiling faces of people, team members and friends is the real token of appreciation.

Heroes come from every corner and every part of our lives and society. These are the people constructing our society with their love, dedication and compassion. Some of them are not educated, yet they leave their mark on our lives. These are the people who pursue a profound cause in your community. They are neighbors who decide to form a safe neighborhood so that everyone can stay peacefully. These are men and women who have dedicated their lives for the well being of the society and mankind. These are people who have decided to keep the kids out of the unsafe streets by making them aware of the dangers.

People who learn skills like sewing, pottery, carpentry, and plumbing are also unsung heroes. There are men and women who decide to fill the potholes in our streets so that our cars can run smoothly. There are those who visit the sick community and collect resources to take care of elderly and underprivileged. These people do not seek recognition or any rewards. They just work endlessly to make our society a better place. These are the heroes that bind our society and protect us from distress and difficulties.

Thus, take the time to be grateful for the heroes in your life. They might be unseen yet always taking the right step to change our lives and society around them.

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Daniel was associated with Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes and strived to work for the betterment of the society by creating a long lasting and positive change among students, educators and communities. In the above post he is telling the importance of unsung heroes in our lives.




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