Understanding Ring Size [Infographic]

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Shaping Up Your Ring Size

Engagement Ring Shopping

Getting engaged is a really momentous occasion in one’s life. It’s one of those moments that will stick long in the memory and will be retold again and again in the future. Some couples like to decide on the moment to get engaged together while others like the romance of a surprise engagement. A surprise engagement has that extra hurdle whereby you need to have a ring in order to propose and so comes with it the dilemma of whether to pick out a ring yourself and make the whole thing a huge surprise.

Of course that is an option chosen by many but it does involve some extra ground work such as figuring out the size of the ring needed for your partner. Perhaps this is something you know from previous jewellery purchases (all the better and easier for you!) or else you have no clue at all. There are ways around it and those are detailed fully in the infographic below from our friends at Loyes Diamonds. They deal with prospective brides and grooms every day of the week and they know the excitement that surrounds an engagement.

Check out the infographic below and see what angle you will be choosing your engagement ring from. There’s always the option to get a “decoy” ring which can be a very reasonably priced ring which is used purely to make the proposal! Lots of people like to be involved in the selection of their engagement ring so be careful that you’re choosing the right proposal option for your partner!

Understanding Ring Size [Infographic]

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Engagement Ring

Shopping to Help The Guys!

Everything is set, you’ve found the person you’re going to be spending your life with, and now you just need to find the perfect engagement ring. Couples generally begin their search in one of two ways:

  • Buy the ring together: Some women like to choose the ring they want so they go shopping for a ring with their fiance. Ring sizing is obviously more straightforward in this instance.
  • Make it a surprise: This means you must get your partner’s ring size with a bit more subtlety. There are some clever tricks you can use to ascertain ring size without her ever knowing.


  • Be aware that fingers may swell when hot or shrink when cold so take that into account when sizing
  • Take time to figure out what ring sits well, do not rush the decision in terms of size
  • Most reputable jewellers will be happy to size your finger for you with no obligation to purchase
  • If you have a larger knuckle & you have difficulty getting a ring over it, an option is to choose a larger ring to fit over the knuckle & get the jeweller to add sizing beads to the inner part of the ring which will prevent it from moving


Tradition may dictate that the man buys the ring but this has changed a lot in recent years. Many brides-to-be know what they want.


  • These days, with so many different choices of engagement rings, it can be hard to make a final choice. Choosing between hundreds of different rings can be a difficult task for your partner.
  • Going ring shopping together allows you to try on a variety of different styles and settings so you know which ones suit you best. This isn’t always possible just by looking at rings online.
  • It takes some much-needed pressure off your future fiance, who’s trying to find the perfect ring for you without absolutely breaking the bank. Shopping together guarantees that the ring you choose is something you both love.


  • The proposal lacks the surprise factor and it may taint what is a special moment for you as a couple. When you choose your own ring, both of you know exactly what the ring will look like and that the proposal is going to happen soon.
  • It can get a little awkward when the perfect ring is more expensive than the budget you’ve set aside for it. Finances can be a difficult topic for many couples and knowing exactly how much is spent on a ring may create an awkward situation.
  • The whole ring buying experience may feel a bit formulaic, because as with any gift, the surprise element can be an important factor. It may mean more to have a ring that someone bought especially for you. As many of our clients are men secretly buying for women, we try and get a sense of the lady he is purchasing for and her style and habits.

As a compromise, there is also the option to go ring ‘shopping’ together, just to give your partner an idea of what you like. You can also buy the ring together and keep the proposal a surprise, so don’t worry too much about how buying the ring together is going to kill the romantic element.


During planning where and how you’re going to propose, you also must figure out how to measure your partner’s ring size, and many struggle to find a way to do this without blowing the surprise. Men all over the country deal with this issue every day, but luckily there are some tricks you can use to get the information you need.


Before you go about the difficult task of trying to ‘borrow’ your girlfriend’s ring, try and find her ring size from a friend or family member. Perhaps someone has bought a ring for your partner in the past or maybe ask them to help in some other way. For example, they could take your partner windows shopping for rings and do some detective work for you!

“I tried asking friends and family but they don’t know her ring size, any other ideas?!”


Depending on your living situation, you might be able to go to a jewellery store with your partner’s ring to get it measured. If you are doing it this way, it’s perfectly fine to bring in any ring that has a close fit. We can take it from there!

“She would definitely notice if her ring is gone, what else can I do?”


You can look at measuring her ring size in subtle ways at home. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Try to put one of her rings on yourself and mark where it falls on your finger. Then come in and see us and we will take the measurement from the mark on your finger.
  2. Make an impression of her ring in a bar of soap, but make sure to clean the ring after!
  3. You can also trace the inside of her ring with a pencil and get a pretty accurate measurement that way or using a printable ring sizer chart.

“She always wears her rings so that won’t work! Any other way I can find out?”


Okay, but this one might a little bit tricky, and if your girlfriend is a light sleeper it will not work. If she’s a very deep sleeper though you might be able to wrap a string around her ring finger and get the size that way.

“Not sure this would work either, what else can I try?”


If you’re really stuck, you can try to tell her a little white lie saying that you’re buying a ring for your mother or sister and that you want to get an estimated size. This technique can be a little risky and you must be very subtle or your partner will realise that you’re planning a proposal.

“Okay, I will see what works best!”

If you’re still looking for ways to find her ring size, here are some more great ring sizing tricks for a surprise proposal. Also, keep in mind that all rings can be resized after you buy them, so not all is lost if you do make a mistake.



Before you even consider the 4 Cs (cut, colour, clarity, and carat), you should think about what shape will suit best. The shape refers to the geometry of the stone and this is a vital component of any engagement ring.


The metal framework where the stone is mounted is vital and it really does set the tone for the entire ring. For example, an oval engagement ring can look trendy or more traditional depending on what setting you choose.


The metal on the band is another important factor. White gold is the most popular choice and it accounts for approximately 80% of our sales. Platinum is also a very popular metal and as its 95% pure metal, it is a wonderful choice for brides-to-be with sensitive skin (i.e.) It is hypoallergenic.


If you’ve decided to go the traditional route of looking to surprise your partner, be sure to keep an eye n what style of ring she likes generally. You can recruit a friend or a sibling on this task and remember that is much more to buying a ring than measuring ring size.


Making a final decision is not easy. Remember that it’s a big decision and making big decision under pressure is never a nice feeling. Give yourself ample time to see all the choices available.


Don’t break the bank to get the ‘perfect engagement ring’. Forget about the idea of spending two-month’s salary and choose a ring in a price range that is comfortable for you.