3 Uncommon Places To Look For Jobs In The Healthcare Industry

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It’s not your grandfather’s job market anymore.

Sure, some businesses still advertise job openings with signs in their windows and in newspaper job classifieds.

However, with the power of the Internet, finding a good job these days means checking much more than store windows and your local newspaper.

Budding young healthcare professionals need to be more resourceful than ever in today’s job market, which is exactly why this list of three uncommon places to look for jobs in the healthcare industry will behoove those who are both unemployed and those who have good enough sense to keep an eye on the market even when they’re gainfully employed.

1. LinkedIn

If you’re not already aware, LinkedIn is the most popular professional networking website of today. Many businesses post job openings exclusively on LinkedIn because of the relatively mature audience (especially in comparison with Craig’s List).

After a user fills out his profile, including uploading his or her resume, professional skills, and a summary or mission statement, LinkedIn provides that user with relative job recommendations. Aside from custom job recommendations, users also have the opportunity to search LinkedIn’s job listing based on keywords, company names, job titles, and/or locations.

LinkedIn also provides users an opportunity to connect with professionals of all rank, location, and profession. Kind of like a Facebook for professional profiles, users may send and receive messages, upload pictures, publish notes, and list their past work experiences as well as present skill sets.

2. Medzilla

MedZilla is a job board launched in 1994 to aid healthcare industry professionals and employers. There now exist over 7,500 job listings and more than 285,000 resumes in the website’s databases and available via query. MedZilla deletes and archives inactive resumes frequently and provides employers with competitively priced services that streamline the hiring process.

For professionals seeking work, My MedZilla offers applicant tracking and resume management systems free of charge. There is also a feature called MatchZilla, which is an “intelligent search agent” designed to pick the most compatible job listings for users. Additionally, there is a career forum where users may communicate.

3. Walgreens University

As of late February, Walgreens opened its new employee training campus called Walgreens University. The campus features smart classrooms with video-conferencing capabilities and a mock-drugstore.

Through Walgreens University’s numerous educational opportunities such as online classes, regional training sessions, and real classroom learning, employees are able to earn college credit as well as skills that may land them a higher position within Walgreens. Subjects range from pharmacy technician training to management and retail fundamentals.

Walgreens employees are offered tuition discounts of between 10% and 25%.

Enrolling in Walgreens University won’t guarantee a job, but it is a great opportunity for Walgreens employees to receive higher education and training for a reasonable price that should ultimately lead to a better professional position.

Employers these days are looking for professionals who are willing to think outside of the box, pave their own path to success, and simply work hard until a goal is achieved.

With the sheer number of people looking for work to become anything from a dental assistant to a pharmacy tech, it is downright imperative that each and every professional aiming for success spread his or her professional resume and/or profile to as wide an audience as possible.

That being said, let this article be a starting point (and not an ending point) in your ongoing search for a better professional healthcare position. With enough perseverance, persistence, and creativity, any worker with the right qualifications may attain their dream job.  Good luck on your search, and remember to think outside the box.

Matthew Scott Levan is a freelance writer who focuses primarily on the healthcare industry. Matthew is particularly passionate about providing informative articles for students undergoing pharmacy technician training.



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