Ultimate Productivity Checklist [Ebook]

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Be More Productive With This Ebook Checklist

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While we would all love to be productive all the time, there are things that distract us away from what we really need to be focusing on. I admit it, I will be working on something of importance, and out of no where, and for no reason, I will randomly type in facebook.com and simply scroll through my newsfeed, not because it is important, but because it is me being a procrastinator. I really know I should be focusing on my work, but the calls to “not do anything” are sometimes just as enticing. Getting things done is awesome, but not getting things done can sometimes be just as appealing.

Prioritizing important activities and procrastination may work, as rewards for doing a half hour of work could lead to a good five minutes of doing nothing but procrastinating. Spending time getting organized and having the right tools may help you to do just that. There are plenty of online tools designed to help you become more productive in your work life and even your leisure life. These tools may vary, from helping you get your emails and files organized, to helping you with time management. Setting goals for yourself, whether they are long-term or short-term will help you accomplish your mission. While it is important to get work done, it is also equally important to find a balance, and let yourself do some procrastinating, as a reward to yourself.

Being a workaholic or constantly going without any breaks can lead to burnout and be counterproductive. Whether you take a break and go for a walk or just step away to focus on something else for a few minutes, in order to let your mind refresh itself and think about other things, will ultimately help you solve whatever issues you are having. It is also important to get sleep, in which the unconscious mind can certainly help you think about different situations so that you may come to a conclusion by the time you wake up.

Anna Fox, in her ebook, suggests several tools you can use to get more productive, including Google Drive, MindMeister, Pinterest, and StayFocusd, and offers advice for more efficient ways to be productive.

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