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Are you still left out of the loop and avoiding Twitter because you think its overwhelming and too much of a hassle to learn? Twitter certainly isn’t for everyone, but Twitter is a world of opportunity that you could be missing out on. If you’ve never heard of Twitter before, you might just need to update yourself on the social media networks. This article is here to discuss the topic of twitter for beginners. If you know nothing about Twitter, you’ve landed at the right place. If you have been using Twitter for a long time, this article may or may not be for you. At the end, you’ll find an Ebook that will dig deeper into exactly what Twitter is and what it can do for you.

Twitter is an easy way for anyone to communicate with anyone on the Internet. The conversation, however, is limited by 140 characters, which you can write. After this, you can either spark up your conversation once again or give others a chance to write their conversation. These conversations are meant to be short messages, called tweets. These messages may be simple hellos to breaking news as it happens. Many reporters will establish their twitter accounts and bring live news to their followers, updating their statuses every few minutes, and giving them news in 140 characters. Tweets keep the messages short, simple, and to the point.

Twitter was designed by software developers looking for an easy way for everyone in the company to communicate. What they didn’t realize was the power that Twitter could have if they were to open up the world to communication. Twitter has since expanded to Hollywood, to the Media, to all organizations. Twitter is a communication network channel for everyone to use and talk. While there is no guarantee that everyone you message will respond back to you, they will certainly see the message if they choose.

Twitter consists of two kinds of people in the community: The People You Follow and the People Who Follow You. When signing up, Twitter forces you to follow several people. While many might disagree with this method, the purpose of Twitter is to encourage community. While you are not forced to follow common people, you may have to choose up to 5 companies or celebrities to follow. You should follow people you recognize mostly, people you want to receive updates about, people who inspire you, and if you are a business, you will definitely want to follow your potential customers, and quite possibly your competition.

Acquiring followers often requires you asking friends to follow you on Twitter or following others and in return, they may follow you. It is common courtesy to follow someone who follows you. They may just be inspiring to you or share some links or messages with you that may help you.

Twitter can be used for personal or business communication. Many people use it to tweet to their friends, to follow celebrities, promotion of a new product or website, business purposes, or even to spy on the competition. Twitter also confirms that the celebrities are the real deal. While some celebrities may have publicists and assistants who use their twitter account, there are plenty of celebrities who have publicly stated that they use Twitter as a way to share their lives with their fans and to communicate with fans. Businesses can also do some great marketing, lead generation, and traffic generation by sharing links to important content and websites on Twitter.

Twitter contains hashtags which can be used in searches in order to find out the latest anything. For example #celebrity may give you a list of all the celebrity tweets (you will see a listing of all short messages about celebrities in which the tweet was tagged with a hashtag of #celebrity). Many celebrities or companies may start hashtags in order to publicize a product or market a brand. For example, a new movie coming out, such as Hunger Games, can be tagged as #HungerGames and people who tweet messages about the Hunger Games may use that hashtag. When searched for, it is like joining a huge conversation of millions of people discussing the same thing.

The wonder of Twitter is that you are on a social network reading and sharing messages with the world. A celebrity could stumble across your message and respond to it or share it with their followers. The possibilities of Twitter are endless.

To familiarize yourself further with Twitter, you will want to download the Ebook within this article entitled “Twitter for Beginners.” The following Ebook is meant to go over all the basics of Twitter and help you understand exactly what it is. After reading this Ebook, you will know enough about Twitter to begin using it like a professional. This ebook is brought to you by Social Media DIY Workshop for Small Business.

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