Trending Brands Vs Established Category Leaders and How They Matchup in Google Search [Infographic]

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Trending Brands and Category Leaders


New and hot brands are emerging all the time. Brands like Venmo, Lyft, Bumble, Waze, Birchbox and Arcteryx have all caused disruption in their respective markets. Are consumers choosing to spend their money with new and emerging brands in place of category leaders like Paypal, Tinder, Uber, Google Maps, Ipsy and Patagonia?

To try and find the answer to this, Digital Third Coast collaborated with Slant Marketing to provide an in-depth analysis of Google search trend data on the hottest and most popular new brands in America.  The goal of this exercise was to see how new brands fare against established industry leaders in Google search. Because let’s face it, if you’re not being searched online these days, it might as well be like your brand doesn’t even exist. Without a large search volume it would be nearly impossible for these new brands to unseat the established category leaders in their market.

They looked at twenty different product and service categories to see how new and emerging brands are faring against established category leaders on average monthly search data in Google. The results may be surprise you.  While many consumers tend to have a very skewed view of what brands are new and popular, the reality is that many of these emerging brands still have a lot of ground to make up to catch the category leaders within their market.  To see the full results of their analysis, check out the full infographic below.

Trending Brands Vs Established Category Leaders and How They Matchup in Google Search [Infographic]

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Trending Brands

When it comes to new brands, if you’re not being searched, you don’t exist. We’ve analyzed Google search trend data for the hottest emerging brands in America, across 20 product and service categories, to see how each compares with established category leaders.

* Values represent average monthly searches in Google.

Payment Apps

Paypal 30,400,000

Venmo 823,000

Google Wallet 550,000

Online Dating Apps

tinder 11,100,000

okcupid 4,090,000

bumble 450,000

Ride Sharing

UBER 16,600,000

Lyft 83,000

Car Sharing

zipcar 768,000

car2go 201,100

GPS Apps

Google Maps 151,000,000

waze 4,090,000

INRIX 12,100

Fast Casual Burgers

McDonalds 11,100,000

Five Guys 823,000

Shake Shack 550,000

Fast Casual Chicken

KFC 5,000,000

Chick-Fil-A 3,350,000


Meal Delivery Services

Blue Apron 1,200,000

Plated 246,000

Fast Casual Pizza

Pizza Hut 16,600,000

Blaze Pizza 301,000

MOD 246,000

Fast Casual Healthy

Chipotle 2,740,000

sweetgreen 201,000

freshii 135,000

Energy/Protein Bars

Quest Nutrition 110,000

Kind 49,500

Larabar 33,100


iPhone 6,120,000

Samsung Galaxy 1,500,000

nextbit 135,000

Smart Exercise Bikes

PELOTON 301,000


Photo Books

shutterfly 2,240,000

Snapfish 823,000

Mixbook 74,000

Men’s Shaving


HARRY’S 60,500

BEVEL 5,400

Women’s Consignment Clothing

POSHMARK 673,000

THREDUP 368,000

TheRealReal 135,000


patagonia 1,830,000

ARC’TERYX 368,000


Sustainable Shoe Brands

TOMS 5,000,000

allbirds 60,500

Makeup Subscriptions

ipsy 823,000

BIRCHBOX 673,000

JULEP 49,500

Women’s Activewear

lululemon 2,740,000

Outdoor Voices 49,500

MICHI 40,500

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