What Training Is Required To Become A Plumber?

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Just like in any specialty field, there is a certain level of training and education that you need in order to become a plumber. You absolutely need a high school diploma in order to become a certified plumber. This can be achieved through standard high school attendance, or through a GED program. No matter how you go about it, you must have a high school diploma. Some of the most important requirements for becoming a licensed plumber include going through a licensing program, gaining experience, having key personal skills, having technical skills, and having a certain degree of physical strength.

Go Through A Licensing Program

In most states, not all, you are required by law to complete a licensing program. The licensing program can typically be earned through a third party online school. This can either be done independently, or as a part of a joint education and experience program. You will be able to pay for the whole program at once, or over the course of the amount of time that it takes you to complete it.

Experience Level

In order to become a plumber and work for companies like Road Runner Plumbing Services, you have to engage in a four to five year apprenticeship program. You will apply to be accepted to a program, and then you will study under an experienced professional that you are assigned to. You are not guaranteed acceptance, and usually it helps to know someone in the industry in order to expedite the process. You will be entered in to an apprenticeship program and you will join a local union so that you can protect your rights.

Key Personal Skills

Just like any manual or physical labor job, you are required to have a certain amount of personal key skills in order to discern whether or not you would be a good candidate for a professional plumber. In order to be a good fit for a plumbing job you should be mechanically minded and have the ability to visualize how things work. You should be good at math and calculations. You should have a certain level of customer service skills because you will be directly interfacing with customers every day. Finally, you should have strong problem solving and decision making abilities. You will be working on your own a lot one your get hired, and this will mean you will have to make executive decisions on your own in the field every day.

Technical Skills

You will be required to gain a certain level and amount of technical skills while you are out in your apprenticeship in order to be prepared for the challenges that you will face while you are out in the field. You will have to gain experience in using pressure gauges, augers, pullers, wrenches, and more. These are imperative to your success as a plumber.

Physical Strength

In order to be prepared to be a plumber you will have to possess a certain level of strength. There are going to be items that you have to transport that are going to be heavy and if you cannot transport them, then you cannot do your job.

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