Top Universities in Australia

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Top Universities in Australia

Top Universities in Australia

Australia is home to some of the world’s top universities, a reason why many students from across the globe aspire to study in Australia. However, choosing the right university is one of the predicament of potential international students who want to avail of an Australian education. To provide some guidance for these students, here’s a glimpse of the international and national standing of Australian universities, and a look at two universities considered as among the best in both international and national rankings: The Australian National University and The University of Melbourne.


In the Times Higher Education World University Rankings (2013-2014), five Australian universities were included in the top 100 universities in the world. The University of Melbourne was the highest ranked Australian university at 34th place, followed by The Australian National University (48th place), University of Queensland (63rd), University of Sydney ( 72nd), and Monash University at 91st place.

The Times Higher Education World University Rankings is activated by Thomson Reuters. It is the only global university ranking that ranks universities based on their core missions – instruction, research, international perspective and knowledge transfer. In arriving at the ranking, 13 scrupulously calibrated performance indices were used to arrive at the most inclusive and equitable comparison trusted by industry leaders, academics, students and university administrators.

Another trusted global university ranking is the QS World University Rankings. In their World University Rankings 2013/2014, four Australian universities were included in the world’s top 50 universities. The highest ranking Australian university in this global ranking is The Australian National University at 27th place, followed by the University of Melbourne (31st), The University of Sydney ( 38th) and University of Queensland.


According to the 4 International Colleges and Universities, an international directory and search engine for international higher education that reviews accredited Colleges and Universities all over the world, the top 10 universities in the Top Universities in Australia by 2014 University Web Ranking are:

  1. The Australian National University
  2. The University of New South Wales
  3. The University of Melbourne
  4. The University of Sydney
  5. Monash University
  6. The University of Western Australia
  7. The University of Queensland
  8. The University of Adelaide
  9. RMIT University
  10. Macquarie University

The Australian National University (ANU)

ANU is located in the Australian Capital Territory, Canberra. It is distinguished in the field of education, research and policy engagement and the home to an interdependent community of scholars. It is considered a national asset that combines the best of Australian thoughts, learning, and expertise. ANU shares the best of Australia to the world and brings the world’s best back to Australia through its alliances and student exchanges.

The University of Melbourne

The goal of the University of Melbourne is to be one of the best universities in the world. Based on the recent global university rankings, this goal is starting to be achieved. The University adopts “Growing Esteem” as the strategy to achieve recognition and for making a unique contribution to society.

It likewise embraces the Triple Helix metaphor to illustrate the University’s character and the significance of its core activities – Teaching and Learning, Research and Engagement agenda. This metaphor also symbolizes the strong bond of the university’s academic programs with every program supporting and developing each other.




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