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Looking for high flyers to take on executive roles is a specialist job. Looking for an executive role means pitching your credentials on a CV lays out all the facts about you and your career history for any potential employers.


Curriculum Vitae

The term is Latin and roughly translates as ‘the course of your life’. Writing a CV at this level is like writing your business proposal. You will catalogue every area where you have experience and highlight why you are the perfect candidate for the executive job.

Pitching for Business

When you get to the interview stage, it will be like pitching for a new piece of business which you will be able to do in your stride. It will give you the opportunity to shout about your past achievements and having researched the position, suggest how your input can add value and more to the role and the company.


Answering the questions

The first thing your CV should do is answer the questions of the company. Questions such as how will this candidate make a difference to our company? What value is he or she and why should we meet them?

Your CV should show you are at the top of your game with plenty more to give. It will immediately explain why they want you to lead their team in the applied for role.



Making significant changes

Think about a statement of how you will add value; like the perfectly fitted shoe, how what you have is what the company you are applying to want.

Focus your CV on the industry to which you are applying especially if it’s one in which you have experience. Alternatively demonstrate transferable skills from one industry to this one. Remember to offer examples that demonstrate your achievements in relevant areas.

Describing achievements is much more captivating to a new company than just evidence of your experience or previous responsibilities. Achievements also demonstrate your value. This is never truer than if you can show how you really made a difference such as increasing revenue or profits, or cutting overheads or improving productivity or bringing in new investors. Everyone will be eager to meet you if your CV reveals any of these attributes.

Remember to explain how you achieved any accomplishments and against what background. This puts everything in context for your CV readers.

Always make your CV clear and concise while ensuring that the key statements that you want them to see cannot be missed. This will make it easy to read and for you to stand out.


Securing a meeting

Having caught their eye with your well composed CV don’t let yourself down when you meet. At this level you are probably used to speaking and putting your pitch across so we are sure it won’t be any trouble.

For a good introduction

To appropriate businesses, enroll with a good online recruitment company that can find you the sort of positions you want in your industry of interest. All of a sudden getting on the executive recruitments band wagon seems pretty simple.

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