Top 9 Useful LinkedIn Groups for Novice Writers

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Useful LinkedIn Groups for You

LinkedIn Groups

When you start to think about the career of a writer, you are probably lost. You do not know where to start, how to find your first orders, and how to make people trust that you can really cope with their tasks. Doubts are multiple, but they should never prevent you from writing for money. You will find hundreds of guides online how to look for the clients in the popular websites for writers, freelance job boards, and among your friends. However, no one will tell you that it is possible to become a professional writer by using your LinkedIn profile. We are going to fill this gap and tell you the best LinkedIn groups that will be of use for any novice writer. Join them, and you will get your first orders soon!

LinkEds & writers

This is one of the popular communities where writers can discuss, debate, and exchange information of different types. It perfectly suits writers and those who are connected with the writing activity: proofreaders, editors, translators. According to the official group description, they are intended to share the ideas and the most effective tips that will help to find you a huge number of new clients, recommendations on how to stay productive and never lose your creativity, and different writing strategies that will be equally efficient for content creators and copywriters in big marketing agencies.


Books and writers

This group was specially created for those who prefer to write not promo materials for products but a real literature. If you have already written your book, you can join this group and contact with the administration to get published on their official website. You will get all necessary recommendations on how to work on your further writing and make your book a bestseller.


Affiliated authors

This is another education group where you will find all necessary recommendations on how to get published in you have no experience as a writer. Here, the members share their experience and tell what helped them to write a story, to make publishers believe that this is going to be a bestseller, and how to establish necessary contacts that will reveal you the door to writing.


The Freelance Writers’ Connection

One of the benefits of being a writer is the possibility to become a freelancer. This group has been created for those who give preference to this type of employment. Here you will find all necessary support and working opportunities along with the knowledge on how to be productive in speech writing, how to write compelling stories, and how to create a copy any company would kill for.


Informed Ideas For Writers

If you feel that to become a good writer you need to get more ideas, this group is for you. This is a truth that a writer especially an inexperienced on not always has enough knowledge and understanding of what idea is good or bad, how not to repeat the ideas, and how to generate thousands of them. The professional writers will gladly share with you their experience, so do not miss a chance to learn from the best ones.


Writers & Authors

This group was launched as a small community for those who love writers. However, the number of members has been growing all the time, and currently, it has almost 30,000 members. The main focus of the group is to teach writers to do their job better and discover new writing opportunities. Here, you will be able to publish your article or novel and get enough professional critics to understand what should be fixed to make it better.


Aspiring Writers

Here, you will find no promotion, links or titles, only important materials that will help you raise as a professional. By joining this group, you invest into your writing education. The members will gladly tell you what mistakes you may do as a beginner, how to make your writing style better, and how to start your writing business online. Don’t be shy and find all answers to your questions!


Nonfiction Authors Association – Writers Network

If you have never been into fiction, this is the group where you will find everything that you need for your career. Contact other writers to get to know the best ideas about how to create texts for landings, promo pages, and press releases.


Authors And Writers

None of the questions remain unanswered when you join this group. Here, the writers gladly share they experience with new authors and explain all peculiarities of freelance and full time job. You will find out how to stay positive about noble art and how to grow faster in this industry.

Each of these groups is still active and you will find loads of posts and comments with the answers to the questions that prevent you from becoming a professional writer. Please keep in mind, that you need to send a request to join these groups and in some cases fulfill some requirements to your profile. It won’t take too much time, but you will be able to enjoy the benefits right after you become a member of the team.

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