Top 3 Countries to Study Abroad in Europe

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Study Abroad in Europe

Studying Touring Europe

When you think of studying abroad in Europe, you think of countries like the United Kingdom and France. However, there are many other countries that have a really high standard of education and should definitely be taken into consideration.

Some of these nations have a really strong education system, with a unique and exquisite culture, combined with different happenings – all make a great place to study. Below are some of the countries that are featured in the QS Higher Education System and were in the top 50 education strength rankings.

1. Portugal

Known to be the perfect leisurely travelling destination, Portugal, is definitely a great combination of both –brains and brawn. Gorgeous sunny and clear beaches, friendly people, and also ranked number 35 is the System Strength Rankings for education, we’d say Portugal is the place to be. It has a number of prominent universities, one of which the University of Porto is ranked internationally as number 308. Most universities in Portugal are adjunct to polytechnic institutes, and their core focus is taught on practical and vocational areas, such as engineering and nursing.

However, Lisbon- the capital city, is recognized for its charm, rich culture, tradition, and long standing history of teaching social sciences and engineering. As mentioned earlier, Portugal is known for its friendly people and even more welcoming weather, which allows people from everywhere and all walks of life to have fun – enjoy great music, colorful festivals, traditional sports, vibrant nightlife, and so much more.

2. Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is ranked as number 38 in the System Strength Rankings, it is also known as one of the most up-and-coming place to study. Charles University founded in 1348, is known to have a very strong and old history of good quality education, especially in the fields of sciences, engineering and medicine. On the whole, most of the Czech universities are now growing their global collaboration with other universities and now have quite a few programs taught in the English language.

There is a tremendous cultural learning experience at the Czech Republic, especially in the capital Prague. The Prague is known to be one of the Europe’s charismatic and gorgeous cities. The best part is that education in the Czech Republic is very affordable – the tuition fees are known to be low, along with the cost of living. So if you need assignment help in this city, you can easily find a service at affordable rates.

3. Finland

Even though Finland might be a colder counterpart in weather as opposed to Portugal, the Nordic country actually ranks number 19 in the System Strength Ranking for education. Oddly to say, their education system is a lot younger than Czech Republic’s and Portugal. However, it makes them the one of the best educational destinations globally. Much like most European nations, Finland advances an assortment of both, vocationally concerned polytechnic institutions and universities focused on academia, and there are prospects of studying in the English language as well.

The University of Helsinki is ranked number 96 globally. The Finnish culture is known to be unique, gorgeous environment, the well-known Northern Lights, and not to forget the snow covered hills. When you go to study there, you will experience all these things along with, political steadiness, joyous and welcoming people.