Top 10 Confession Highlights of 2015

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The Best Confessions of 2015

It has been another year that has passed, very quickly, as a matter of fact. Does anyone know where the year went? It seems the older we get, the faster the years go by. During this time, many confessions, articles, and infographics have been published, written by loyal fans, readers, and companies who wished to share their knowledge of the professional business with the world. Last year, we published the Top 10 Confessions Highlights of 2014 and the year before that we published Top 10 Confession Highlights of 2013.

We are happy to announce that Confessions of the Professions will be entering its third year of existence. We still have many more confessions coming your way, but we will stick to our policy of publishing only on weekdays, save for a few special holidays, and our maximum article publication will be no more than one or two per day. We rely heavily on contributors to this website and we would like to acknowledge their contributions. With hundreds of contributors whom we are very happy to work with, we would simply not be what we are today without their help. During the end of each year, we try to highlight a few confessions that stood out and contributed something unique and different to the Internet.

Confessions of the Professions is on an unstoppable path to seek out the confessions of the professions, in order to share the most relevant information with you about jobs, careers, and the workplace. With over 1000 written confessions, we are still going strong and have no intentions of stopping. We are passionate enough to keep this website going, so long as you are passionate enough to keep reading, contributing, and sharing with your friends and family on social media networks.

This year, we took a step back in publishing our own personal articles, having published very few, and focused more on written articles from our fans, contributors, and the many companies who were ecstatic to contribute to Confessions of the Professions and we were very happy to publish those articles.

I welcome you into the New Year of 2016 but before we get into the new year, here are some of the Top Confession Highlights of 2015.


Unsung Hero1. Unsung Heros [Infographic]

In a world of over 7 billion people, we live on a planet where life is happening 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. While we would like to think the world is a perfect place, and there is plenty of good that happens in it, there is also plenty of bad things happening. The news could not possibly cover every news story on planet Earth, nor could any human even comprehend the vast amount of things happening around the world. Therefore, we tend to get our news in spurts and only a few dozen topics from a few sources at once. There are good things that happen each and every day, most of which goes unreported by any news media, nor is it even put on any social media networks. Most of the time, people react instantly to saving someone’s life, or helping out others, rather than pulling out their phones and just recording the event, as an observer. When it comes to saving lives, whether people do it personally or professionally, these people are known as the unsung heros of the world. These people do not get recognized for their efforts, they do not win awards for doing good deeds, nor are they often paid for their effort of helping or saving others, and in some circumstances, they may even lose their life in their attempts to save others. This infographic just lists several people who you have probably never even heard about or seen, but what they did saved a life or many lives, sometimes even resulting in the loss of their own life.


Mr. Spock Leonard Nimoy2. Mr. Spock: Live Long and Prosper

In 2015, not only did I lose my best friend, but we also lost Mr. Spock. For many of my older readers, you probably grew up watching Star Trek and saw the maturity of Leonard Nimoy. He was different from other actors and other people. Not only did he take to heart his character, but he adopted the philosophies of Mr. Spock into his own real life, and that was his ability to reason with logic. You never knew if it was Leonard Nimoy speaking or Dr. Spock, but his influential quotes and leadership sparked generations of people who grew to love him and his character, and will continue to inspire future generations. Life goes on and so does death and we may not know where we end up in death, but we know that it may not be the end, and if it is not the end, than it is a realm that could surely use the wisdom from your soul, Mr. Nimoy.  Rest in Peace, Mr. Spock.


3. 10 Steps To Your First Paid Blog [Infographic]Monetize Blogging

Blogging has become a normal part of our everyday culture and human culture. Bloggers from around the world are writing to their audiences and fans in every language and in every category. If you want to know about cooking, minimalism, utilizing tools, house work, accounting, finances, surviving the zombie apocalypse, there is a blog for that. Most people start a blog hoping that they can acquire an audience and go viral in order to make money. Unfortunately, the amount of bloggers who are making a living vs. the amount of bloggers doing it for a hobby is like comparing the 99% versus the 1%. It is not impossible to make money from blogging, but it does take time, understanding, and a maturity of the blog. This infographic gives steps to try and help you towards figuring out how to monetize your blog. Making money from your blog will not happen overnight, but with some patience, you could start earning money by advertising for companies, writing for companies, reviewing company products, etc. If you are passionate about blogging, never give up on it, and continue looking for creative ways to make money from blogging.


Social Media Brainstorm4. How Social Media Can Reshape The Education Sector

Social Media is everything nowadays for your company, your brand, and your website. If you are do not have a social media account on any network or all networks, you are missing out on a potential audience. Social media allows the capability for any company to communicate with their fans and customers, to gain insight into how they can make their product better. When a company interacts with fans via social media, they establish loyalty and a following for their brand. Whether you choose to have one or all social media networks, you can improve the value of your company greatly simply by interacting with your fans and following. There are many other important uses for social media around the world. More specifically, this article focuses on the role social media plays for education, including having classrooms and assignments completely online and technology usage in the classroom. Social Media has redefined all aspects of our lives and has improved education around the world.


5. 5 Ways To Motivate Your Company As CEO Business Motivation

Whether you are the CEO of a company, or the boss or supervisor, it can be challenging to motivate your employees and company as a whole to actually enjoy their jobs. Sure, employees will show up to work, do their jobs, and then go home. Unfortunately, if you are the CEO of a company, you already know that this is not enough for your employees and will not guarantee that your company will remain successful. It is those companies whose employees actually love their jobs, love their bosses, love each other, and love the company itself that succeed. In order to do that, any CEO will have to make their employees feel comfortable at work, and provide incentives, whether they are monetary or offered in some other form. Any CEO understands that how employees behave and how they feel at work is a result of how they, the CEO, are running the company and treating their employees. This article offers some advice for CEOs on how to motivate their company for success.


6. Organizational Leadership: Core Values Of Top Tech Firms [Infographic]Core Values Leadership

There is a reason that the top companies are successful. They respect their employees, they respect their customers, and they drive innovation. They do not think of their employees as a slave or a worker that is there just to drive profit for the company, but rather, they think of the employee as an individual with skills and talents that can be utilized for the success of the company. When a company empowers a specific set of core values and also empowers their employees to uphold those same core values, the well-being of the entire corporation is seen and felt. These values include respect, individuality, freedom, communication, ownership, honesty, excellence, innovation and many more. These core values are passed down from the top of the company all the way to the bottom and they work because everyone is seen as an equal contributor to the company. This infographic covers much more in-depth information and personal quotes from the CEOs themselves on how they have built a successful company.


7. Death Of A Co-WorkerEmpty Desk

When it comes to our family and friends, death is one of the hardest things to deal with, knowing that these people whom we love are no longer living and will no longer be able to create new memories with us. It may take us many years to grieve over them and accept that they are no longer alive. When it comes to a co-worker, we very rarely think about it because we work with our co-workers everyday and assume they are the worker bees that they need to be, and they are in good health, like we are. Unfortunately, there are those rare times where one day, a co-worker may just suddenly stop showing up, not because they quit or were fired, but because an unforeseen and unexpected event happened in which they passed away. Whether you were close with the co-worker or not might affect how you feel, but the loss of the co-worker is felt by the entire company, as our co-workers are our family. We work with our co-workers for 40 hours a week and we get to know them. We are sometimes closer to them than we are with our own families. This article dives into the heartbreak and sorrow that comes with the death of a co-worker, and offers advice for how to deal with the unfortunate situation.


8. Recipe For A Perfect Logo [Infographic]

A company might be easy to start, but a lot of work and effort goes into actually starting a company. From figuring out the basis of operations to location and costs of hiring workers and products. A company needs to set prices at a certain rate, pay workers a certain rate, and find the right location in order to have a chance at being successful. Another aspect that comes to mind when starting the company is what the customer first sees upon entering or doing business with the company. It usually means that aside from whether the company has a marketable product, the logo is one of the most important things for branding and marketing purposes. A logo can make or break a company. A logo that does not stand out and is not remembered means that the company will be forgotten. A company logo that is memorable and can easily be etched into the minds of customers means loyal fans and customers who continue coming back for more product. Whenever the logo is seen, the product is thought about, and the customer is more likely to buy that product upon seeing or thinking about the logo. This infographic dives into the recipe for the perfect logo.

9. Why Women MBAs Earn Less Than Male CounterpartsMBA Career India

The gap between what men and women earn is still a problem, not just in the United States, but in all countries. While this article focuses on why women are earning less than men in MBAs, it can be applied to almost every workplace. If we put things into perspective logically, a woman who does the same exact job as a man, spends as much time on the job as a man, and contributes the same amount of work as a man should get equal pay. Yet, in many workplaces, this is not happening. This article suggests some reason for why women are making less and having a hard time breaking that glass ceiling. While the research does not state whether the situation is improving for women, it may provide some insight and ideas for women to earn the equal pay of their male counterparts. Both men and companies too must be willing to honor and respect the hard work and value of women in order for equal pay to become a reality around the world.


10. ChallengesChallenges Road Sign

The challenges were an idea for innovation and creativity for people in the workplace. Challenges refers to the 52 article challenges that were written for the year 2015 challenging people to take on a new task each week. While no points are rewarded, the challenges were personal and covered an assortment of topics such as eating better, exercising more, being more friendlier to co-workers and family, learning new things, doing different things out of the ordinary, etc. Each challenge lasted 7 days before a new one was written. It was my own personal challenge to write a new challenge each week, 52 challenges in the entire year. These challenges were designed to never expire, could be used by anyone at any time, and some could even become a lifestyle. While there are no intentions to continue the challenges, it was very insightful for me to not only come up with the challenges, but to actually challenge myself to do the challenges that I wrote.


These are the top highlights of 2015. There was no vote on these specifically, but popularity and uniqueness of article certainly helped define the highlights. Feel free to review many of our other confessions in the Confession Archive. We appreciate everyone who contributed in 2015. View our entire author database to see who contributed and how many articles were contributed. By clicking their name, you can view the individual articles they contributed. Confessions of the Professions thanks and appreciates our contributors and our readers, for without any of you, we would not have a reason to continue doing what we do. You are our inspiration to write and contribute high quality articles. We hope you have enjoyed them as much as we have!

We will see you in the new year with many new confessions! Welcome now, to the Confessions of 2016!



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