Top Tips For Those Who Travel With Babies [Infographic]

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Advice For Traveling With Babies

Baby kneeling, packing the suitcase

A lot of people give up travelling for a long time because travelling with babies is not an easy task. If you are ready for the mission, here are a few tips which would help you to travel with your baby and enjoy the time.

You would have an extra luggage, the baby. Instead of having a stroller or holding in hands, you can opt for baby carrier. You can use front carrier style, sling style or backpack style.

Baby needs a separate bag. Top items to pack in the bag are diapers, clothes, toys, wipes, anti-rash cream, bottle, changing mat, bibs and tissues.

A first aid pack is essential. Pack plasters, ice packs, paracetamol, antiseptic cream, tweezers, teething gel and tweezers.

Always have some things which would keep your child busy like shiny stuffs, snacks to chew, toys, rattle and pop-up books.

Your baby may need extra travel documents. Keep them organized.

While choosing a hotel room, make sure to choose a hotel which sells baby related products. Empty the mini-bar items and make room for baby foods. The room should have a soft and big bed, bath tub and enough space to crawl around. Kid themed rooms can be an added advantage. If you can upgrade to a soft bed, make sure to take it. It is always not essential to choose a suite room.

Choose destinations that have baby related shops, water slides, swimming pool, babysitters, medical care for babies and other essentials. Choose destinations with a lot of baby related activities.

These tips will help you travel with as less stress as possible with your baby. Within a few trips, you would be able to make an individual list of baby travel things for your baby. This is something you would have never done before. Make sure to expect for the worst and keep all essential in hand. This might mean cutting a few things in your bag.

Top Tips For Those Who Travel With Their Babies [Infographic]

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Top Tips for Travelling with Babies

Planning a trip with a baby can be incredibly stressful, especially if you’ve never done it before. Here’s a few top tips to make sure your trip is as stress free as possible.

  1. Your Luggage Isn’t The Only Thing You’ll Be Carrying!

That’s right, your baby isn’t going to walk through the terminal by his/her self. Here’s two great ways to carry your kid on your travels…

  • the front carrier
  • the sling
  • the backpack
  1. The Baby Bag!

You know all those things the baby needs when you’re at home

Yep, they’ve got to come too! When packing your baby’s bag remember to pack:

  • Clothes
  • Toys
  • Bottles
  • Bibs
  • Tissues
  • Changing Mat
  • Nappy Rash Cream
  • Baby Wipes
  • Nappy
  1. Don’t be Afraid to Pack First Aid!

Packing first aid can at times feel like your tempting fate, however, it’s better to be safer than sorry. What to bring in your First Aid pack?

  • Plasters
  • Infant Paracetamol
  • Teething gel
  • Thermometer
  • Antiseptic cream
  • Tweezers
  • Ice pack
  1. HELP We need a Distraction!

At some point your baby will start crying. They just will. So how can you distract them?

  • shiny stuff
  • rattles
  • cuddle toy
  • pop-up books
  • something to chew on
  1. Get Your Documents In Order

Like their parents, babies also need written permission to get into another country. So make sure your little one has his/her Passport & Visa.

  1. The Room

When choosing a room there’s a few things you should double check with the hotel before booking to make sure your stay a lot easier…

  • Can you empty the minibar to make room for milk bottles and food?
  • What baby supplies can the hotel provide? Some hotels can supply you with nappies and wipes.
  • Does the room have a sofa bed and does it cost extra?
  • Ask for a room out of the way, so as to not disturb other guests.
  • How big is the bed? Double/Queen/King? The bigger the better if your child wants to sleep next to you.
  • Is there a bath or a shower? Baths are a must especially for babies.
  • Can you afford a suite? Suites give you much more space to create a changing station or a play space.
  • Are there any kid themed rooms? Much easier to keep them busy.
  1. The Destination

When choosing your hotel/destination, make sure there’s enough activities to keep your baby busy such as,

  • Babysitting / monitoring services
  • Swimming pool, preferably with water slides
  • Access to medical care
  • Hotel shop with inflatables






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