Top 5 Tips for Surviving the First Years in Business

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Surviving and Succeeding In Business

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Starting a new business can be compared to marriage: it’s fun and exciting at the beginning, but gets slightly frustrating along the way. No one can neglect the aspects that are rewarding and fun, but running a business also takes a lot of work and imposes tests you never expected. Unfortunately, many fresh business owners don’t get through the first two or three years due to the obstacles they face. However, if you manage to get through these initial stages, you will most likely make it on the long term and start experiencing the benefits of owning a business.

These tips will help you keep your head high and cope with the challenges at the beginning of the business adventure:

Set Long-term Goals

If you plan on the long term, then you’ll know how many small objectives you need to devote yourself to before you can achieve them. Starting a business with the intention of getting instant cash and satisfaction is not the right strategy. Making a lot of money in the first three years is not likely to happen, so you should focus yourself on more distant future.


Commit Yourself To It!

When you start a new business, its success will be dependent upon your commitment. Set a goal to do your best for at least 5 years before you decide to give up on it. Most business owners fail within the first three years, which are especially hard for people who don’t have any experience on the market and don’t know how to deal with bookkeeping and staff managing. However, you shouldn’t neglect the learning aspect and remember that wisdom, skills and effort can get you through any challenge you face. Don’t forget: your commitment and hard work will pay off!

Don’t Plan Failure; Plan Success!

Pessimists are not good businessmen, period. If you start a business with failure in mind, you will probably prove yourself right. Get a positive attitude when setting your business goals and never stop aiming for the best!

There are plenty of examples of business owners that succeeded because they believed they would. When a startup fails, the reason is not usually behind a poor idea. All ideas are good; the results are only a matter of proper execution. A positive mindset can get you further than you think.

Establish Credit

Establishing good credit gets more important with the years you spend being in business. A leasing corporation will probably look for three-year history before offering a leasing plan. Having a history of loss is not bad during the first years as long as you are able to keep your business alive and prove that you have a long-term commitment to it.

Understand The Changing Environment!

If you want to succeed with your new business, you need to learn how to identify the changes on the market and go with the flow. If your target audience prefers online shopping, then it might be smart to turn your startup into an online business. If your business is suffering because of the location, then take the risk and change it! When your customers offer honest criticism, consider their opinion and think of new ways to satisfy them.

Be Persistent; The Success Will Come!

Many people are overwhelmed with the new responsibilities and risks that come with owning a business. If you aim towards greatness and set practical steps towards your long-term goals, your startup will be determined to success.



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