4 Top Tips For Increasing Staff Efficiency

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The efficiency of staff will define the efficiency and productivity of an organisation and maximising this potential can be a challenging undertaking.

Employees in many Western companies are managed more closely than at any other point in history. The pressures to remain competitive, however, means that the screw has to be turned ever tighter. Modern computers can help in this regard, allowing for large amounts of data to be collected. This can then be used to see where individual staff members need improvements. Here are some ways to increase staff efficiency.


This is a powerful factor and one that feeds into the other points mentioned below. A manager has the ability to inspire staff to identify with the company. This can motivate them to work harder.

The many personality types that exist in this world, however, means that some people will not work hard, even with the most charismatic manager working above them. These people will respond better to more negative pressure and company policy. Disciplinary hearings, pay reviews and so forth are useful approaches in steering them onto the right course.

As such, it is important that the manager is socially aware and knows how to use both the carrot and the stick effectively, in order to get the most out of all staff members.

Personal Development


Individuals may enter an office on the first day with all the qualifications and experience necessary to perform productively. They will spend adequate time at the organisation to change dramatically, however, for better or for worse. As such, and beyond creating a facilitating structure, it is important that the management keeps a close eye on the development or underdevelopment of staff.

Team Building

Employees spend the vast majority of their lives at a company and ensuring that they enjoy this career choice is vital for their general wellbeing. Beyond benefits to the individual workers themselves, employee happiness has an enormous impact on their productivity at the office.

Capitalism has advanced to the point that today there is a wealth of easy-to-access information regarding how to turn a collection of individuals into an effective team. One way to achieve this is through team building courses. These range from sector or company specific training courses to team building weekends, which, despite involving activities more usually found in the army, are great for encouraging employees to learn how to work together effectively.

Performance Management Training

Management can put a huge amount of time and effort into the recruitment and training of staff and yet their productivity will be defined by the ability of the manager that sits above them. The team manager will be responsible for delegating a certain portion of the company’s immediate objectives to them. If this individual is not up to the task at hand, the competence of managers sitting higher up the food chain will be worth nothing,

Performance management training will provide managers will the ability to analyse the productivity of team workers around them. It will also give managers the skill set required to boost team morale by manipulating the way individual employees work together.

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