Time Wasters At Work [Infographic]

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Procrastinators: Time Wasters

Procrastination Fortune Cookie

Why do today what should have been done yesterday, but could be done tomorrow?

In reviewing your Internet browser history this year, especially the time you spend on YouTube, looking over your time clock, and your history of bathroom use which we monitor every second, we have discovered that you are a time waster.

Oh, and we noticed you flirting with Sandy over by the water cooler earlier. You know she’s dating Jerry in sales, right? That guy could sell you any line and make you think you wanted to marry him. He definitely got Sandy that way. Get back to work. Stop being a time waster. Believe it or not, it is not all your fault you are wasting time. It is the company’s fault too.

This infographic points out the three major time wasters at work. Lets just hope your company doesn’t visit Confessions of the Professions and that they won’t discover this infographic.

If you happen to walk into work tomorrow, and policies regarding productivity have changed… we know nothing about it!

Time Wasters At Work [Infographic]

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3 Common Time Wasters at Work

Time Waster #1
Chatting with co-workers
Water cooler effect

According to survey respondents, talking with co-workers was the #1 biggest time waste.

Cutting out water cooler talk may be the quickest and most sure-fire way to reduce wasted time at work.

Other time wasters include:

11% Computer glitches
11% Meetings
9% Internet surfing

Time Waster #2
Non-work related INTERNET SURFING

64% visit non-work related websites EVERY DAY during WORK HOURS

Weekly time spent on PERSONAL site during WORK:

< 1 hour 39%
1 – 2 hours 29%
2 – 5 hours 21%
5 – 10 hours 8%
10+ hours – 3%

How workers waste time online:

1.24 hr/week – Social Media Networks
0.56 hr/week – Online Games
0.45 hr/week – E-mail
0.24 hr/week – Portals
0.22 hr/week – Instant Messaging
0.21 hr/week – Videos/Movies
0.19 hr/week – Search
0.15 hr/week – Online Shopping
0.13 hr/week – Pornography
0.12 hr/week – Fantasy Football

Time Waster #3
Useless Meetings

37% felt at least 1/2 the the time in a meeting was wasteful of their time.

6.67% felt meetings are 100% productive.

1% felt meetings are 100% unproductive.

Most professional who meet on a regular basis admit to:

91% Daydreaming
96% Missing meetings
95% Missing part of meetings
73% Doing other work to meetings
39% Dozing during meetings

Created by: TimeDoctor

Productivity Software to track exactly where time is spent.

Matthew Gates is a freelance web designer and currently runs Confessions of the Professions.



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