Things to Remember When You Move To a New Town [Infographic]

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Organized Moving To Another Town

Packing Moving

Moving to a new town is not an easy task. We all need to do some planning before taking any decision of moving lightly. Of course, evaluating your current situation has led you to the conclusion that you need to move. Finding another spot to move to is just one of the many tasks you will face during your consideration for moving. After you have found a new spot that you can see yourself staying at for at least a few months to a year is great, but getting there is another story.

Hopefully you have friends and family to help you, but you also need to start collecting some boxes and packing. Moving is a great time to find out about all the extra junk you really do not need, and rather than moving it with you and then deciding whether you want to keep it or not: Decide right then and there. If possible, donate it to charity, give it to friends and family. Unnecessary items that you do not need to move are just additional load and boxes that you could probably do without. Boxes are probably one of the greatest inventions, as they help us store, pack, and carry things. However, you probably want regular sized boxes so that you do not overload the boxes, potentially causing their bottoms to fall out.

Pack just enough items into a box that allow you and anyone else moving with you to carry them with some comfort. Some discomfort is alright, but you should not heavily pack boxes to the point where it takes two people to carry the box. In other words, a box should technically be 1/4th of a person’s body weight, so a man weighing 200 pounds can usually carry a 40 – 50 pound box without too much issue. A woman who weighs 150 pounds should not carry more than a 40 pound box. A child who weighs about 130 pounds should not carry more than 35 pounds.

Aside from having boxes ready for the move, a person needs three other important ingredients: A permanent market, packaging tape to ensure any contents do not escape the box, and bubble wrap or newspapers to ensure that fragile items, or even non-fragile items, do not have much of a chance to move around in the box during the move. Making sure boxes are labeled so they can easily be found will help ensure quick unpacking upon arrival to the new place. It also helps to securely pack all boxes in the transport vehicle so they do not have much of a chance to move around while the vehicle is in motion.

In this confession, we have added an infographic that explains all important aspects that play a vital role in shifting to a new house. Here we explain step-wise procedure that starts with the packing of your household items that are important in house moving. We also explain what kind of packing is best for your item during transfer. We have detailed all points that can help you in managing your products. See below for the infographic and feel free to share your views about moving in the comments. Safe moving!

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Things to Remember When You Move To a New Town [Infographic]

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If you are moving to a new town and worried about the inconvenience and hassles while relocating from one town to another, then you should consider these helpful tips to make your move safer and stress free.

There are a lot of things, which you have to consider while moving to a new town.

First and foremost thing is to create a list, adding all the important stuffs which you are going to take along with you.

It is important that you organize your stuffs properly so that you do not face any issues while packing them.

Decide the size (small, medium, and large) and the number of boxes you need in order to pack your stuffs properly.

Arrange all the useful packing materials in advance so that once you start packaging, things move forward smoothly without any issues.

You are required to arrange packaging materials like bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, tape, grip seal bags, shrink-wrap along with a black marker and trash bags.

You can collect newspapers and other old clothing stuffs as they can be quite useful while packing your furniture.

You are required to do packaging sensibly, as this is very important to protect your delicate equipment like TV.

Arrange a large plastic bag to keep your must-have items like a market, scissors, pens, important documents, and toiletries safe.

You can also opt for the below mentioned ways to pack your stuff.

  1. Wrap your breakables in bubble wrap.
  2. Pack your glasses and stemware (drink wares that stand on stem) in clean socks.
  3. Pack your fragile items in cardboards and label it with what this box contains.
  4. Keep an extra cotton pad in your powdered cosmetics.
  5. Cover the opening of your toiletries with saran wrap.
  6. A roll of stretch wrap can be very helpful for taping your cardboards.
  7. Pack smaller things (like screws, bolts) in sandwich box.
  8. Beer boxes have side handles and good for the packing of books.
  9. You are required to mark your packed boxes with numbers and use colored sheets for labeling (give a number to your box).
  10. Place the labels on the top or on the side of the packaging box with the details of the content that the box is carrying. It makes loading/stacking and unpacking of the boxes easy and organized.
  11. You should choose the right transportation if you have a long distance to travel.
  12. You should hire a proper relocation service to cart your household stuff.
  13. Put your heavier boxes at bottom or underneath the light boxes while loading the packaging stuffs in the truck.
  14. It helps in preventing the breaking or crushing of lighter items due to pressure and weight. This suggested checklist will surely jog your memory and point you in the right direction to make your town moving experience less stressful and trouble free.





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