The World’s Most Dangerous Jobs

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Are you feeling a bit tired and bored of your job? Spare a thought for these people and the dangers they have to face when they clock in for work each day. I’m not so sure these people would ever have a dull, uneventful day!

To be fair, there are different elements of danger and there are many jobs that have the odds go considerably higher if something goes wrong or you have just plain bad luck.

Deep Sea Fisherman

Taking on the elements is unpredictable, as you never know what Mother Nature will throw at you. So any job where you battle the elements is high on the list like a commercial fisherman or deep-sea fisherman. Not only is it impossible to tame the ocean and get engulfed by the waves in a storm, but also many accidents happen at sea, help is far away and many lives are ultimately lost.


Knowing that you are entering an inferno each time you are called to a job is a rather scary thought. Firemen are incredibly brave when they head through smoke and flames when putting out fires. The danger here is very real and they have to be trained well and work together as a team successfully.

High Rise Window Washer

Are you afraid of heights? You wouldn’t want to be if you had to wash the windows of some of the tallest buildings and skyscrapers in the city. Being hundreds of metres high above the ground is not for the fainthearted.



Police officers put themselves in the way of danger every day they are on duty. People and situations can easily turn unpredictable and dealing with drunk, drugged or angry members of the public comes with it’s own set of dangers and chances of confrontation and an injury at work claim are a very real part of the job.

Animal Trainer

Working with animals is another dangerous occupation. Even though trainers may work endless hours with animals, there is always a possibility animal instincts could kick in at any time. Working with deadly animals like crocodiles or tigers can turn nasty if something goes wrong.


I have included an Airline Pilot on my list, which may appear an odd choice by some people. But having the responsibility of safely transporting lives, sometimes hundreds of lives, from one place to another in the sky is an extremely dangerous job when you count the cost if a disaster occurs. Pilots need to be focused for long lengths of time and they cannot have a bad day at work.


Being in the building industry can be a hazardous career also. A roofer is high above the ground every day with a high chance of having a fall, not to mention not knowing what conditions a roof may be in could result in a slip and a quick collision with whatever is below.

Truck Driver

Finally, another job to be considered one of the most dangerous is a Truck Driver. Not only do they have to contend with tiredness from long hours of inactivity, they have to stay alert for traffic dangers, which are hugely increasing all over the world. Accidents on the roads result in the loss of numerous lives and Truck Drivers put themselves at a higher risk of this danger every time they hit the road.

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