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I had been working as a cashier at the pharmacy for a couple of months. Long enough that everyone knew me, but I was still the new guy. As the day progressed towards lunch break I began to have an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach. I really didn’t want to call another cashier up to the cash, so I did my best to make it to lunch break.

Lunch break came and I automatically rushed to the back to use the washroom. When I was done I realized the bathroom had no plunger in it. I couldn’t leave the toilet in the state it was currently in so I went in search of the plunger. I knocked on the girls’ bathroom door and when was satisfied it was empty I checked in there for the plunger. Sure enough I found it!

On the counter next to the sink someone had left a few DVDs. I grabbed them so that I could find the owner. I quickly fixed the issue I caused in the men’s washroom and went to find who the DVDs belong to.

I went up to one employee and asked if she knew who they belonged to. As casually as possible I tried to explain that I found them in the girls washroom.

“What were you doing in there,” she asked.

“Looking for the plunger,” I replied. My cheeks felt extremely hot and I was pretty sure I’d have a permanent label.