How to Test Silver Bars at Home? [Infographic]

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Testing Silver Bars

Metalor 100g Silver Bar

Gold and silver are among the most valuable metals in the world. Silver was used as a currency during the Age of Exploration. It is also mentioned in the Bible as a valued currency and it is highly valued in Jewish culture.

In the early 20th century silvers was used in the production of coins until the Great Depression and since then currencies have been replaced by banknotes and coins made of the metals like aluminum, nickel or brass.

Silver is slightly lesser in value in comparison to gold but people prefer to invest in silver in the form of coins, bars and jewellery. Silver is considered one of the most secure investment options. When market is not stable and you are searching for best long term investment option, you should definitely choose bullion because it has shown steady growth over the years.

There are many advantages of investing in silver coins and bars but there are disadvantages too. And these cons may come in the form of fake silver items. There are few things which need to be considered if you want to buy original silver coins and bars. You should always choose the trusted online dealer.

Distinguishing real from fake can be confusing and misleading. You should always look for the registered bullion dealers if you don’t want to get duped. This infographic, created by Bullion Store, revolves around tips to help you buy original silver. These tests can be used to distinguish real from fake.

How to Test Silver Bars at Home? [Infographic]


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How To Test Silver Bars At Home?

When any bullion investor buys silver bar/bars first time, he/she worries about counterfeits of silver products. It is important to test silver bars that you bought from a dealer because it is the matter of your money and trust. Here are 5 methods that help you to check silver bars whether they are pure or fake.

1. Look at the sale price

Silver and its products like bars, coins, etc., are expensive. If it is markedly less than the current price-per-ounce or price-per-gram of silver, it is almost certainly not solid silver. You should think that why would anyone sell real silver at less than the spot price when they can immediately sell it for a price very close to the spot price to a scrap silver buyer? So, if you have bought a silver bar at less price, it is not 100% real.

2. Look at the quality of the stamping

Every silver bars are sold internationally so they should be stamped based on its silver content. If you don’t find any stamp on silver bars, they may be fake. International sellers of silver bars stamp rating like 800, 900, etc. on their silver products.

3. Testing with a magnet

Testing a silver bar by using a magnet is very simple technique of testing that you can do at home. Silver bars are non-magnetic. Take a strong magnet for this testing. If your magnet sticks strongly to the silver bar, it has a ferromagnetic core and is not silver.

4. Silver acid testing

For silver acid testing, you need to buy acid test kids for silver bar which are easily available and cheap. Watching the color change in a drop of acid can reveal whether or not a sample is genuine. It is recommended to use these acids carefully otherwise your items can be permanently discolored.

5. Ice testing for silver

Silver has the highest thermal conductivity of any common metal or alloy. You can test your silver bar easily with ice at home. For it, place your piece of ice directly on the silver bar and don’t take your eyes off of it. It begins melting almost instantly as heat is quickly transferred.


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