Ten Jobs That Allow You To Travel The World [Infographic]

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Travel The World For Your Job

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For as long as there have been humans walking this Earth, the urge to travel to new lands and explore has always existed. We now live in a world where every corner of the globe can be reached by a one or two flights, making travel more popular than ever. Just take a look at this article from Travel and Leisure which discusses figures showing more Americans are travelling abroad than ever before. However, no matter how much we love to take in distant lands, a few things tend to hold us back.

One of these things is money, which can quickly turn your 12-month tour of the world into 2 months in Southeast Asia. Another is your current profession. The majority of jobs will generally only allow a couple of weeks holiday at any given time, limiting where you can go and for how long. So what can you do to change this? Well, the obvious option seems to be to get a job which involves a lot of travel. You can read about a whole host of good jobs which allow you to travel in an infographic from Silverdoor.

It’s called Ten Jobs That Allow You To Travel The World and you can read it at the bottom of this post.

The infographic brings together job roles from a wide spectrum of industries so that there is something for everyone. For example, if you work in a creative industry, you might like to consider the idea of becoming a travel writer or blogger, if not, perhaps a photographer. For the more sports driven people among us, there are seasonal roles such as surfing and skiing.

If you’d like to read more about these as well as plenty of other travelling job roles, take a look at the infographic below.

Ten Jobs That Allow You To Travel The World [Infographic]

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For those of us who love to travel, the biggest roadblock is usually how to fund it all.

Unfortunately, it’s an expensive lifestyle, but instead of saving up all year just for a couple of weeks of travelling, what if you could actually make a career of it?

Here are ten jobs which could allow you to indulge in your love of travel.



This pinnacle would be to get paid purely to travel, and that’s essentially what travel bloggers do!


Of course, it isn’t quite that simple, but it certainly is doable. There isn’t a secret to success as a blogger, and the best thing to do is to just get started, and enjoy it!

After all, it’s better to work for free doing something you love rather than do something until you love it.



If you’re talented behind the lends of a camera, why not see if you can make a living out of it?

If you’re planning on travelling anyway, you’re probably going to be capturing some beautiful images of your travels, so why not see if you can sell them?

Again, this could be a tough one to get started in, and you’ll have to invest in a good camera, but the rewards could be significant!



While travel agents don’t get to travel specifically for work, they do get heavy discounts for their own holidays.

After all, if your’e going to be recommending places for people to go on holiday, you’re going to need some first-hand experience!



To really experience the world in some class, the life of a ‘yachtie’ might be for you! Yachties tend to the rich and famous aboard their superyachts, and while it may sound glamorous (and let’s be honest, it is!), you would have to work some very long hours and meet some crazy demands.



A very popular option is to work a season at a ski resort, and while this could be as an instructor, there are numerous roles that you could take.

The French Alps is a popular location, although you could choose to head even further afield to the likes of the USA and Canada.



If you speak a second language and love working with children, then why not be an au pair?

You’ll live with a host family somewhere and help to look after their children, and get paid to do so!

It can be a busy job but it’s a good way to really experience life in a different country.



There are a number of roles you could take up on a cruise ship. In fact, any job that you could think of in a normal hotel on land, you can probably do on a cruise ship, whether it be chef, waiter, entertainer, cleaner, or anything else!

Workers on cruise ships get their meals and accommodation taken care of, and they get to see the world, of course!



WWOOF stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, and is a great way to give back to the countries that you’re visiting.

You essentially work on organic farms around the world, experiencing daily life with a host in return for food and accommodation.



This is another obvious way to see a lot of the world while you work, and a popular choice for those who love to travel.

On long haul journeys, cabin crew generally get to spend a night or two in the city that they’re travelling to, and the only experience you really need is basic customer service, or just being a good people person!

Bear in mind though, it’s a pretty whirlwhind life with some crazy hours!



If you consider yourself to be a ‘people person’ and want to share your love of travel with other like-minded travellers, why not make a living showing people around your new home?

It’s a great way to show off your passion for travel and get to learn more about the place you’re visiting.


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