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It is said that those who can, do, and those who can’t, teach. The saying is an old proverb meaning that people who are able to do something well can do it for a living, while people who are not able to do it well often become teachers of the subject. While not always true, there are plenty of teachers who choose to teach simply because they are passionate about it and want to teach.

Teaching is a very demanding career and the people who go in it for any kind of money will soon leave. Teaching is not an easy occupation and requires a life of learning and teaching others. It requires the ability to constantly update yourself with new technology, new social trends in people, and new ways of teaching. Any teacher who has been in the business for many years will tell anyone considering becoming a new teacher, “If you are doing it for the money, leave right now. Go do something else with your life.” Okay, maybe they won’t say that directly. But they will tell you that teaching can be very rewarding.

A teacher must learn to be unconditional to the entire classroom. There will be plenty of students who have disabilities or needs, and the teacher will struggle to find a balance in order to help everyone. But a good teacher will make it happen. If the majority of students are having trouble learning the lesson in the classroom, the problem probably does not lie with the classroom, but the way the teacher is teaching. A good teacher will figure out how to teach the entire classroom.

So where might the rewards come from? Teaching children who want to learn is rewarding in itself. A teacher’s knowledge is a fact to every student you teach. They believe it as truthful and the information a teacher provides to them will be carried with them for either the rest of their day, or the rest of their life. If they remember their teacher’s name in five to ten years, that teacher obviously did something right. The reward is in providing instruction, information, and guidance to the students.

I can personally remember my kindergarten teacher and several teachers I’ve had in elementary school, middle school, and high school. I can recall professors I had in college who made their mark. Why is it that I can only remember certain teachers but not others? For the college professors, they taught differently than other professors. Instead of what seemed like a streamlined classroom session right out of a book, they brought real life lessons to the classroom, or they did certain things while teaching that made them stand out, making them more memorable.

Teachers might think they can get by teaching and just making a paycheck, but almost all students can detect the nature of a teacher; whether they are passionate about teaching, or if they are just their to make money. If your students aren’t paying attention to you, than you might want to figure out what you are doing wrong.

There are plenty of delinquent students who do not want to learn. If you are a good teacher, you’ll do all in your power to make sure that student will want to learn. However, if you have done all in your power, and that student does not want to learn, than you may have to just accept the fact they are just not ready to learn.


No matter where they are teaching in the world, a teacher is a very powerful and important person, teaching lawyers, doctors, humanitarians, astronauts, scientists, and even the next President. They provide the information to all of our children and for all humanity. The teacher is a very underrated profession, but what is learned from a teacher and the lessons a teacher provides are very important and may stay with individuals for the rest of their life, defining them for better or for worse.

In order to show this, there is Teacher Appreciation Day every year. It is on different day throughout the world.

This infographic lists the days of Teacher Appreciation Day around the world.

Teacher Appreciation Day [Infographic]

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National Teacher’s Day Around The World


15 Venezuela
16 Thailand
29 Spain
30 Greece


First Weekend of February: Mongolia
28 Algeria, Greece, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, U.A.E., Yemen


7 Albania
9 Lebanon
18 Syria
28 Slovakia, Czech Republic

23 Kislev (3rd month of the Year): Israel


13 Ecuador
30 Paraguay


2 Bhutan, Iran
6 Jamaica
15 Colombia, Mexico, South Korea
16 Malaysia

Whole 1st week of May observed as teacher’s Appreciated Week and last day is celebrated as Teacher’s Day: United States


6 Bolivia
22 El Salvador
25 Guatemala
First Sunday of June: Hungary


6 Peru


5 India
10 Hong Kong, China
11 Argentina
17 Honduras
23 Brunei Darussalam
28 Taiwan


1 Uzbekistan
4 Bangladesh
5 Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Canada, Estonia, Germany, Kuwait, Lithuania, Macedonia, Mauritius, Maldives, Republic of Moldova, Netherlands, Philippines, Pakistan, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Serbia, United Kingdom
7 Laos
14 Poland
15 Brazil
16 Chile

Last Friday: Australia
First Sunday: Belarus, Armenia, Ukraine


20 Vitnam
24 Turkey
25 Indonesia


Last Friday: Panama

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