How To Teach Your Children To Be Entrepreneurial [Infographic]

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Start Teaching Children About Entreprenuership

Teach Kids Economics

As a society, we have become increasingly aware of the importance of education in developing our careers later in life. This was shown to be true in 2016 when it was reported that record numbers of students had been given university places. All forms of traditional education are seemingly vital is offering us a balance of knowledge which will set us in good stead for adult life. However, it is also true that there are certain things which cannot be learned in the classroom.

Noticeboards Online has created a very interesting infographic which discusses a number of things perhaps only parents can teach their children. The infographic is titled How To Teach Your Children To Be Entrepreneurial and you can read it for yourself at the bottom of this post.

One of the stand out points in this infographic is a point about children understanding the value of money. This is certainly a good point because while we can learn a great deal about mathematics in school, the value of work and money is something which eludes us till adulthood. There is proof that learning things like the value of money aside from school can lead to entrepreneurial skills from a young age. There are many examples of successful people who left school at a young age to pursue entrepreneurial ideas. Sir Alan Sugar is a perfect example, who left school a 16 to sell car aerials and other electrical goods. Sugar has since become one of Britain’s most successful entrepreneurs to date and still holds his young years as important to his professional development.

Take a look at the infographic for yourself to read more about entrepreneurial tips you could teach your children.

How To Teach Your Children To Be Entrepreneurial [Infographic]

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Teach Your Children To Think Big While They’re Still Little

Learning doesn’t just take place in the classroom, and it’s up to you as a parent to teach your children the life skills to set them up for success.

Helping your kids understand how to reach their goals now will not only be helpful for them in childhood, but will set them up well for adulthood. They will grow up eqiupped to handle the world of business once they are old enough to dip their toes in!

Here are 8 entrepreneurial skills you should teach your children, and how you can go about doing so.



Financial literacy is often overlooked in schools. Many of us leave school with no idea how to manage our own finances, so teaching this early on can put your children at a definite advantage.


Giving pocket money for chores is always a good place to start. Perhaps take them to the bank to deposit it. Taking them to sell old unwanted items at a car boot sale is another good idea.



Schools and exams sometimes instill children with a fear that failure is the end of the world. In reality, failure can be a chance to learn.


Don’t punish your children if they fail. This may encourage them to stop trying. Instead, discuss with them what could be done in the future to prevent it, and what the alternatives may be.



If you own your own business, you will need to solve problems on a daily basis. From issues with customers, suppliers, budgeting, or employees, there will always be something to think about.


Encourage your children to tell you about problems they may be having, but then don’t rush to solve the problem for them. Instead, brainstorm together to come up with several possible solutions.



The belief that we have the skills to create a better world or improve our situation is a very entrepreneurial trait. Optimism and hope can also go a long way to helping us succeed.


Parents who are optimistic will usually raise optimistic children. Lead by example, and share positive stories with your kids.



Fear or rejection can hold us all back from attempting to reach our goals, but believing in your abilities is a cornerstone for success.


Encourage them to follow through with their ideas, and let them learn from experiences and makes their own mistakes.



Having a sense of entitlement can hold us back in life, whereas being able to be empathetic is a valuable skill for success in many areas. Being able to relate to others is invaluable as a leadership skill.


Respect your children’s opinions, and let them know you value them. Encourage your child to open up about their emotions, and teach them that the feelings of others matter.



Creativity is hugely important for any entrepreneur, not only to create their own business, but to think creatively to stay ahead of the competition, or problem solve.


Let your children use their imaginations, by allowing them to play without imposing structure, or by asking them to make up a story to tell you.



Networking is one of the most valuable things you can do in business. Having many different people you can ask for help or advice, or even hire to help you is very important.


Encourage your children to be sociable and join in conversations, not only with children their own age, but with adults. Get them use to conversing with a wide range of people and making connections.


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