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Bathroom Sink Fixture

Ways To Prolong Your Bath Fixtures [Infographic]

Keep Bath Fixtures In Good Shape Longer

All household fixtures have their lifespan before they show signs of deterioration. For those that are especially constantly exposed to water, continuous exposure can damage them over time. The most common victims of….

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Tankless Water Heater

Tank vs. Tankless [Infographic]

Which Water Heater Is Best For You?

Deciding which kind of water heater to get can be tough, should you go with the more traditional ones that come with tanks? Or go the innovative track and purchase the one without?….

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Garden Rooftop

Ultimate Rooftop Garden Guide [Infographic]

Start Your Rooftop Garden Today!

As summer is over, it’s never been a better time to make a rooftop garden. The weather conditions are ideal, as there’s not much risk of plants dying or drying out from lack of water,….

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Winter Veg Garden

Winter Prep for a Spring Garden [Infographic]

Preparing a Spring Garden for Winter

Let it be any part of the world, nurturing a garden is always a special thing for most. Each flower, leaf and root gives a sense of belongingness to its curator. In addition, the….

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Waking Up

12 Things Successful People Do Before Breakfast [Infographic]

What To Do Before Breakfast To Be Successful

If many of us were honest with ourselves, we would agree that we probably don’t make the most of our time in a morning. In fact, a recent study reported on Read More →

Toyota Fuel Cell Hydrogen Power

Electric vs. Hydrogen [Infographic]

The Battle To Fuel The Future Of Cars

There was time when finding the replacement for the petrol and diesel was difficult. Now in 2016, when we look back, we know that we have come a long way. We have….

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Energy Efficiency Awareness

Home Improvement Ideas for Energy Efficiency [Infographic]

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Energy wastage is a dire problem in the US according to 99SmartHomes infographic. This is an even greater problem because it ends up costing us money in the form of utility….

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Sugary Drinks

Give Up Sugar Drinks [Challenge]

Challenge of the Week: Give Up Sugary Soda Drinks

If you are struggling to lose weight, you might not understand the reasons why, but you are consuming them everyday without noticing the extra pounds packing on. Most people think that….

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Comfortable Sleep

Go To Sleep Before Midnight [Challenge]

Challenge of the Week: Go To Sleep Before Midnight

The joys of sleeping, the beauty and peace that sleeping is, and how most of us wish we could do more of it. We never seem to get enough of it….

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Energy Saving Lightbulb

Saving Money Tips – Energy [Infographic]

Winter seems to be the ideal time for saving money but most of us also have higher expenses then, such as higher utility bills. We can however make changes to save some money which is why we decided to put….

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