Top Business Travel Destinations in 2018 [Infographic]

Traveling For Business In 2018

Business Travel
Business travel– despite being seen by many as one of the most attractive perks that an employer can offer – can be a mind-numbing task, too. From long flights to even longer meetings, business travel can be extremely wearing. As such, most of them do not have the luxury of time to think about their … Read more

Why Is It Better To Hire Wedding Cars?

Should You Hire A Wedding Car?

White Jaguar XJL Wedding Car
A wedding is one of the most timeless and memorable occasions of one’s life. The couple arranges everything nicely for the marriage from the flower decoration to entertainment, mouth-watering cuisine to a photographer, wedding dress to toastmaster team etc.. But there is one thing on which most of the couples pay more attention is … Read more

Hiring A Minibus [Infographic]

When To Hire A MiniBus

Mini Bus

So are you planning for a weekend trip or going on a long vacation with your family and friends? Are you done with all the preparations beforehand?

Chances are you are already prepared with everything and made all the necessary managements. But, what transportation medium are you choosing for your long awaited trip? Are public … Read more

The Cost of Airline Courtesy

The Class of Airlines

Basic Economy

“Upgrade for $20 more to feel like a human being, you piece of shit!” – All airlines

Growing up and throughout human civilization, there have been classes used to identify groups of people. As a kid, I remember being told I was “lower middle class” of the three, which were poor, middle, and rich. There are … Read more

The Money Savvy Wedding Plan [Infographic]

Saving Money Even On Your Big Day

Wedding Day Heart

Did you know that an average wedding in the United Kingdom cost around $25,000? It’s more than the income of an annual middle-class family. The expenses for the marriage can add up quickly around 6% off the couple would end the marriage in the budget, 26% couples goes beyond the budget, 23% couples … Read more

America’s Unspoken Crisis

You Get What You Settle For

For Maurice Gaines, getting to work and back took over two hours every day. He would walk from home to the subway in the morning, ride the subway to a bus route, then take the bus to work.

In the afternoon, Gaines would reverse the process. Much of the time, the schedule worked fine. … Read more

Craft A Wedding To Remember [Infographic]

Wedding To Remember

Wedding Day Photo

It is all about picking the right alternative. It is all about choosing a simple thing which would make you stand out in the crowd. Here are a few alternatives thought by Daffodil Hotel and Spa depicted in an form of infographic.

  1. Why do you need to spend a lot of money on designer envelope? You
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The Secret of Getting the Best Education For Your Child Abroad

Best Education For Your Child Abroad

Studying Abroad Country

International schools teach lessons in English and will generally show a comparative educational program to British schools, which may incorporate capabilities, for example, A Levels or the International Baccalaureate. These schools, nonetheless, have a tendency to charge unreasonable charges, like those of autonomous schools in the UK. Some give educating in English, while others … Read more

Employment vs Unemployment

A valid question to those who work their asses off for what seems like nothing in return!

My experience is through a Canadian standpoint being at the low income side of a working class family. For anyone who is reading this from a non-Canadian standpoint, let me first explain quickly about our Child tax benefit. This is a tax credit … Read more

Global Sourcing Solutions

What Should You Consider While Implementing Global Sourcing Solutions?

While considering implementation of global sourcing solutions, you need to understand that the primary objective is to reduce costs. Therefore, you will be able to decrease production costs that will directly affect the bottom line. One basic strategy to achieve this task is to move production of services or goods to … Read more