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Fidget Cube 1

My New Fidget Spinner

The Hype of Fidgeting Toys

Get your fidget bundle today! With all the hype of….

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Subscription Boxes

The Rise of Subscription E-Commerce [Infographic]

Rising Popularity of Subscription Boxes

Across the country, subscription boxes are arriving on people’s doorsteps at a growing rate. The number of categories that subscription boxes focuses on is increasing, including shaving products for men, beauty products for women, toys….

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Focus On Your Hobby [Challenge]

Challenge of the Week: Your Hobby

Have you always wanted to take up a hobby, but never seemed to make it happen? This is the week to start your hobby and hopefully you will keep it going! Otherwise, if it is….

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Tenaya Hotel Room

Maid in Yosemite

I lived and worked in Yosemite National Park for three magical years. I started out with a summer seasonal job as a trail guide, but as time went on I loved Yosemite too much to leave. When the trails closed,….

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Adult Store

Open Letter From Your Local Adult Store Clerk ADULT CONTENT! MATURE AUDIENCE ONLY!

Dear Adult Store Shoppers, Maybe you want to buy some pornography or maybe you’d like to purchase some condoms, lube, lingerie, toys, games or whatever other merchandise we carry. That’s great, and I hope you find what you want in….

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Using a Vibrator

To my new best friends at the Pleasure Place ADULT CONTENT! MATURE AUDIENCE ONLY!

I thought it would be an “in and out job.” I thought to myself, I’ll just walk in, pick something reasonable, and make my merry way. I bought myself a vibrator before, no problem, it’s in the bag, etc. etc…..

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The Secret

There are some things you wished you never did…

Before I begin this first and most painful of a series of professional confessions, I think a little background is in order. I am a single mom of two boys and have been working to provide a better life for….

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Webcam Laptop Model


Before you make your judgments, know that I never intended to find myself here. It’s a big secret, what you’re about to read about. It’s a dirty secret. Embarrassing secret. Shameful secret. I have a BA in Anthropology, and am….

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